Canadian couple reunite at launch event


Blayre Turnbull and Ryan Sommer had an epic reunion in Beijing after three months apart.

Canadian athletes Blayre Turnbull and Ryan Sommer had more than one reason to look forward to Friday’s opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.

The couple, who got engaged in April last year, had not seen each other for three months before the Winter Games. As two of Canada’s finest athletes, their reunion was quite epic.

Turnbull, a forward for the Canadian ice hockey team, posted a picture of her heartwarming moment with her fiancé and Canadian bobsledder Sommer.

“Name a cooler place to be reunited with your fiancé after spending the last 3 months apart…I’ll wait,” Turnbull’s post on Instagram reads. Sommer shared the same photo with the caption, “A bunch of kids chasing our dreams.”

To say that an Olympic athlete’s schedule is full is an understatement. Although both Turnbull and Sommer represent Team Canada, a combination of competitions, training camps and COVID-19 safety protocols prevented the couple from seeing each other sooner, according to the Daily Hive.

This is Turnbull’s second Olympic appearance after winning silver with Canada four years ago in Pyeongchang.

She wasted no time in showcasing the work she’d accomplished in three months without her partner. Turnbull had two goals and four points in Canada’s opener in Beijing, a 12-1 win over Switzerland on Wednesday. The 28-year-old, currently a member of the PWHPA, also helped lead Canada to an 11-1 win over Finland on Friday, scoring four shots on target despite not being on the scoresheet.

“Walking down the aisle and into the opening ceremony, same thing,” Turnbull’s teammate Sarah Nurse commented on Instagram.

Sommer, 28, is competing in his first Olympics as part of Canada’s four-man bobsleigh team. His competition is scheduled to begin on February 19.

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