10 board games better than Yahtzee


Most of the people around the world are familiar with the table game Yahtzee — A game in which players roll the dice, roll again, and mark their results on a piece of paper. The game stands out for its simplicity and welcoming nature as most people can learn to play it Yahtzee in just a few minutes.

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Many modern games take elements from Yahtzee and expand, change or completely reinvent them. Yahtzee helped establish the dice game genre and the roll-and-write genre simultaneously. Today’s games keep finding new ways to approach these genres, and they’re some of the most popular in the board game hobby.

10 Rolling Realms brings players into the world of Stonemaier games

Rolling Realms board game box and components

Stonemaier games is one of the largest and most popular companies in the board game hobby. They are responsible for hit games like scythe, viticultureand span. Almost all of their games feature boards, beautiful components, and deep strategic decisions. Rolling Empires is one of their latest releases and is changing the formula of what they are known for. The game consists of dry erase cards, markers and two very large dice. In each round, the dice are rolled and the players decide how best to use them for their cards. Each map is loosely based on an existing one Steinmaier Game.

9 Escape: The Curse Of The Temple is an intense dice game with a soundtrack

Escape the healing of the temple board game and be ready to play right away

Escape: The Curse of the Temple offers players a new way to experience dice rolling and re-rolling by adding a timer to the game. In the game, players will hear a soundtrack, which is also the timer. You must cooperate by rolling out of the cursed temple before the timer runs out.

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Each square of the board shows players exactly what to roll to advance. The intense soundtrack and frantic pace at which Escape: The Curse of the Temple being played leads to a very fast and unforgettable experience for the players.

8th Trails of Tucana has no dice at all

Traces of Tucana board game components on the table are played

Many board games follow this Yahtzee Formula of rolling the dice and writing the result on a piece of paper. Traces of Tucana uses the same idea but removes dice in favor of cards. Instead of rolling for a result, players turn over two cards giving them terrain types to connect on their player sheet. The game offers an immersive experience as players try to make connections on their hands as effectively as possible. The game’s unique scoring chances combined with its simple gameplay make the game very entertaining for many players.

7 That’s Pretty Clever is Yahtzee’s biggest competition

This is pretty clever board game cover

That’s pretty clever is a game that many players consider to be Yahtzee Murderer. In the game, players use colored dice to fill in boxes and complete goals on their player sheet. However, unused dice that are smaller than the used die can then be used by opponents, leading to difficult decisions and keeping each player in action. The game has some very unique ideas that catch players’ attention even after playing it several times. That’s pretty clever has also spawned 2 sequels and a children’s version to be released in 2022.

6 Bang: The dice game lets MPs and outlaws challenge

Bang The Dice game components and character in the box

Bang: The Dice Game uses the rolling and rerolling aspect of Yahtzee in a new way. Instead of getting a result and writing it down, players use dice to damage each other, heal each other, and fire Gatling weapons. The game also features a push-your-luck element not often seen in games of this type. On top of each die is a stick of dynamite that can never be rerolled. If ever 3 sticks of dynamite are seen at the same time, the player’s turn ends immediately and he must take damage.

5 Elder Sign brings horror to dice games

Elder Sign game components and box

Lots of people are fans of HP Lovecraft and his series of science fiction horror novels. The Board Games Society Fantasy flying games has a whole range of games geared towards bringing these stories to life. One of those games is Elder Signa dice game that uses rules similar to Yahtzees rolling and trailing elements.

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In Elder SignPlayers explore the world of Arkham You use dice to discover clues, fend off evil monsters and battle the Elder God in an epic finale.

4 Aerion is a one-player dice game

Aerion board game played on the table

aerion is one of the titles in a series of tabletop games called the oniversum. All of the oniversum Games are solo or solitaire experiences, meaning they are played by only one player. The games offer special rules for playing with 2 players. aerion uses dice, which is very different from other games in the series. In each round, the player rolls the dice and tries to achieve specific objectives on cards.

3 On Tour lets players become a band’s tour manager

On Tour board game components and box

On tour gives each player a map of the United States printed on beautifully designed dry-erase boards. Each state has an empty circle that players fill in with numbers as the game progresses. At the start of each round, a player rolls the 2 giant 10-sided dice. Then players use the numbers rolled and write them on two of the states on their map. At the end of the game, players must draw a continuous line from state to state and each state must have a higher number than the last.

2 Pinball Super Skill: 4-Cade is pinball in a box

Super skill pinball 4 cade board game components are played

Many board games attempt to mimic real-world activity on the table. Super Skill Pinball is one of those board games. Players have raved about the game since it was first released due to its amazing, themed use of dice and dry erase boards that somehow make players feel like they are actually experiencing pinball.

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Super Skill Pinball revolves around two dice that are rolled at the beginning of each round. Each player chooses one of these dice to determine where their ball will go next. The theme of the game shines with a clever combination of mechanics and graphics.

1 King Of Tokyo is a modern classic of monster mayhem

King of Tokyo board game is played

King of Tokyo exploded on the board game scene when it was first released due to its beautiful graphics and the fact that the game’s designer was Richard Garfield, the designer of Magic the Gathering. Today, King of Tokyo is still going strong and has sold over 1 million copies. In the game, players take on the role of giant monsters that fight each other until one of them reigns as the titular king of Tokyo. The game also has an expansion called Turn on! which gives each monster unique abilities and powers.

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