The 10 best board games for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is a time when lovers look forward to a day of romantic activities and a night of romance. Of course, every victim struck by Cupid’s arrow has one thing in mind: board games.

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It may seem unlikely, but board games are a great way to have an intimate experience with that special someone at the other table. The right match can be an opportunity to work together, compete, get to know someone better, and create lasting memories. Although many board games have dealt with the theme of sex, few have successfully summarized the theme of love.

10 Fog of love steams up the windows

The Mist of Love board game setup

fog of love (2017) offers a rom-com experience, from sweet encounters to grand romantic gestures; It allows players to embody unique characters in familiar tropes. Players navigate the triumphs and pitfalls of a romance worthy of the big screen.

In this semi-cooperative game for two, each player has secret goals related to their personality traits, but the common goal of building a lasting relationship. Therein lies the game’s innate tension: will the protagonists make things work without sacrificing core stats, or will their destinies burn bright and burn out? Either way, players will find out within the two-hour gameplay. For those looking for a game with role-playing and matching elements, this might be “it”.

9 Love letter pushes the envelope

Love Letter Game

Wooing a princess is no easy feat, but it can certainly be a lot of fun. love letter (2012) is an amazing little game that proves love comes from unexpected places. The game consists of only 16 cards and can be played by 2 to 4 players (although 4 is best). Players take turns as competing suitors, sending allies to deliver love letters to the princess’s quarters. Whoever wins the princess’ affection wins the game. love letter is a great filler game that takes a brisk 20 minutes to play and includes deduction and player elimination mechanics.

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The game features a fun cast of characters in the king’s court, where players can team up with the baron, the spy, or the maid, among others. love letter allows the resulting courtship experience to be both colorful and cutthroat on the table.

8th With Ladies & Gentlemen, what is on the surface counts

women Men (2013) is a satirical play inspired by the gender norms of Victorian England. 4 – 10 players pair up, one plays the fashion-loving loose-lipped matriarchal wife, the other plays the lumbering patriarchal money-saving husband. For half an hour, the ladies take turns shopping in the city’s most luxurious boutiques, while the gentlemen gamble on the stock exchange. A team wins when its lady is definitely the most elegant of the bunch.

As in any marriage, the key to success is compromise; While trying to satisfy their ladies’ insatiable desire to fill their closets better than their opponents, gentlemen must avoid financial ruin. It can be a fun and silly group experience when players step into the role (especially when the gender roles are reversed).

7 Never look at Calamari right after playing Consentacle

Consentacle board game built

In this bizarre but beautiful 10 to 35 minute cooperative card game, players attempt to have a satisfying consensual romantic encounter between a curious human and a sensitive tentacled alien. Players manage their hands while simultaneously playing cards to build confidence and satisfaction. Additionally, players can catapult themselves to new heights of euphoria by playing risky with the special Kink cards.

Ultimately, it’s a wacky, silly game that replicates the uncertainty of exploring with a new romantic partner and rewards good communication. For those curious about tentacles, that’s an added bonus approval (2014) is accessible to thrifty couples in a hurry through its print-and-play option.

6 The more the merrier in Dream Crush

Dream Crush board game set up

dream crush (2021) players see a series of dates with three eligible crushes. Each date reveals new details about the dreamy Trifecta, but to win you must correctly guess who owns the hearts of your competitors. dream crush is a paper-and-pencil party game for two to six players, all about knowing your opponents. The memorable moments often come from the players defending their decisions.

Learning your opponents’ romantic tendencies is a 30-minute romp in this tried-and-true board game format (satirical dating show). For players looking for a more casual surface-level board game experience, dream crush can be this booty call.

5 Marrying Mr. Darcy is the name of the game

Marry Mr. Darcy Board Game Display

Jane Austens Pride and Prejudice is interpreted here as a two to six player competition in which opponents play as Austen’s unique heroines and compete for the affections of their favorite suitors. To do this, players must build their reputation by attending events and showing their beauty, wit, and kindness.

In order to stay one step ahead of opponents, players can choose to use their cunning, but doing so will make them less desirable to their snobbish suitors (due to the antiquated notions of gender norms they hold). Proposals, the final phase of the game, is an exciting treat as players roll the dice to see which suitors are proposing. Marry Mr Darcy (2014) is a fun and offbeat way to spend 30 to 60 minutes.

4 …And then we held hands. Doesn’t hold back

...and then we held hands.  board game display

In entertainment media, an ascetic experience is rare, but in the case of …And then we held hands. (2015) players embark on a silent, meditative journey in a beautifully illustrated and elegantly designed cooperative game for two players. Players set out as a couple in a failed relationship; You play emotion cards to get closer to the heart of the problem.

To win the game, players must coordinate non-verbally to reach the center while maintaining emotional balance. When they are reached, they have solved their problems. At first glance, this is a relatively simple 30-45 minute hand management game. However, the game brings strategic depth to an otherwise thought-provoking and heartbreaking concept with communication limits.

3 The ravens of Thri Sahashri are unforgettable

The board game The Ravens of Thri Sahashri

For a tear-jerking board game experience, players can dress up The Ravens of Thri Sahashri (2013). Players will embody the roles of two young unhappy lovers, Ren & Feth, on the run at a critical juncture where Ren has slipped into a deep coma. With a running time of 45 minutes of asymmetrical gameplay, The Ravens of Thri Sahashri sees the feth player use mystical powers to delve into the wasteland of his beloved’s sick psyche and attempt to bring her back to the mortal plane. Ravens plunder the wasteland, shredding unresolved memories to pieces.

The Ren player spends turns communicating non-verbally through card play, indicating to Feth what memories could bring them back to life. The gameplay is complicated but rewarding for those looking for a fairy tale in a box.

2 Obsession is in the house

Obsession board game ad

Hosting the most fabulous social activities, players vie for the hand of a wealthy love interest in mid-19th century England. Obsession (2018) is a worker placement game for two to four players with a healthy dose of hand management and a running time of 30 to 90 minutes. Players renovate their lands and earn reputation, but must balance gracefully to ensure they have the right staff for each event or they risk great embarrassment.

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obsession is a delightfully themed experience that lightly satirizes the British upper class and creates suspense through gameplay. After all, it has opponents who genuinely yearn to build a nobler estate and cultivate a better reputation than their snobbish opponents.

1 Codenames: Duet sings like a love song

Codenames: Duet board game display

In Codenames: Duet (2017), the brain-burning party game code names (2015) has been optimized to create an intimate 2-player experience. Players cooperate by dropping one-word clues for each other to reveal the 15 hidden agents from the grid of 25-word cards. in 15-30 minutes, Codenames: Duet offers an exciting experience in which you must try your luck by combining elements of word puzzles, timed challenges and hidden information.

While not a love-themed game, the level of collaboration and intimacy makes for a gameplay experience that varies greatly depending on the pair of players. In spite of code names seems to be a game about cheating spies, duet is an ultra-fun exercise designed to bring players on the same wavelength.

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