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John Sedgwick has been vital to Canadians for a number of years. He handles everything related to the CBA, or front office salary cap, and on Wednesday he was promoted to the position of deputy general manager by a new management team.

Sedgwick’s responsibilities aren’t really going to change. But the new title has some significance, and the promotion also means we had to speak to him before the Canadiens take on the Buffalo Sabers at the Bell Center.

Under Marc Bergevin, Sedgwick was given the task of overseeing the Canadians’ meager analytical efforts. He often attended the Sloan analytics conference at MIT, he brought contractors to work on analytics, he was Bergevin’s man in the field.

How much Bergevin actually believed in it remains a matter of debate. But that is not the point.

Canadians are changing in every way.

Sedgwick’s promotion to Deputy General Manager is a promotion in title only. He will continue to oversee CBA matters, he will continue to be Canadians’ reference in salary cap management. He’s not even sure if he’ll get a raise.

But what the promotion says is that executive vice president of hockey operations Jeff Gorton and general manager Kent Hughes appreciate his contribution, and they wanted everyone to know. And so this statement by Sedgwick is extremely important to the mindset of Canadians.

“I’m someone who doesn’t particularly like the term analytics,” Sedgwick said just before the game.


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