Where to watch Hockey Night in Canada in New York City? The Canuck is the new bar that puts the NHL first – The Athletic


After graduating from Cornell University with a degree in economics in 2002, Denis Ladouceur decided to delay one of those so-called real jobs for a bit. He had just wrapped up a four-year career at the Ivy League school in Ithaca, NY as a scrappy forward who could score a few goals but would never make the NHL. He figured that because of the life experience, he would like to see and live in Europe. After a wasted chance in France and a season in the ECHL, Ladouceur eventually ended up with London Racers in Britain’s Elite Ice Hockey League.

London was everything Ladouceur hoped for, although “you don’t make any money and you still need a holiday job”.

“But it was an extremely fun experience,” he says.

The only problem was that the British Columbia native and his teammates, most of whom were also Canadian, missed home. There weren’t many opportunities in London to fill that void, but they found one: a small pub in Covent Garden called the Maple Leaf. They routinely boarded the subway for the hour-long ride to congregate to watch hockey and drink a few Labatt Blues.

It stuck with Ladouceur, and when he finally hung up his skates to join the rat race in Manhattan and work in finance and investment management while earning a master’s degree in business administration from Columbia, the idea drifted away a similar bar never far from his mind. Even in a city as huge as New York, he saw an opportunity to open something truly unique.

“I always wanted and dreamed of having a Canadian hockey bar in town. Once I moved here… where is the canadian hockey bar? There isn’t one,” he says. “It was just something I’d talked about and thought this city should have, literally ever since I moved here.


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