Russia’s impeccable OnlyFans stars say they were banned after Putin’s invasion of Ukraine


London-based adult subscription service OnlyFans is removing accounts from content creators in both Russia and Belarus, according to some stars of the site.

It’s unclear whether the apparent changes are a political move or whether new sanctions imposed on Russia following the invasion of Ukraine have made it impossible for the women to get paid through the site. OnlyFans star @kitty, 21, told The Daily Beast that she has no income other than what she earns through OnlyFans. “Right now I don’t have any money to buy groceries or pay my rent,” she said via text exchange. “Since I moved to Moscow when I was 18, I have taken part in several protests. We are not Putin! All my prayers for peace and the Ukrainian people.”

A cosplay content creator who goes by the name kanra_cosplay posted a recording of a message that appears to show that OnlyFans has canceled her account. “Woke up and got this message from @onlyfans @OnlyFansSupport You have decided to delete my account without warning!” she wrote. “I had money there and I will not be able to live without it. Why are they doing this to ordinary people?! You decided to ruin our lives?!”

Another tweeting under the handle @_Black_way_ said she and other adult stars were “hostages” and wrote: “I don’t support this war but I became its hostage like other creators from Russia. Models, Cosplayers, Artists, YouTubers and others. All of us have been blocked on our platforms or can’t get any income from them just because we are Russian.” She later added, “I’m from Russia. And I’m an artist, not a soldier with guns. I want to keep making my art and making the people around me happy, not fighting.”

Several other content providers based in Belarus and Russia tweeted similar complaints. A person going by the name of Shirogane-sama tweeted that she was indeed protesting against her government. “While attending protests and doing my best to help my Ukrainian friends, @onlyfans is without warning depriving me of all income I have earned living in a country with a government I didn’t vote for,” she tweeted. “Based on that, are you embezzling my fan’s money?” she later tweeted. “If you violate your own duties and rules and do this to me, are other models safe?”

After the UK agreed to exclude Russia from the SWIFT network, it has become difficult to process payments to residents of Russia. While Belarus is not yet blocked for SWIFT, many of those affected are tax registered in Russia.

The apparent ban also affected stars from Belarus, including a cosplay star named Evenink_cosplay, who wrote:

“Thank you Onlyfans for banning me, a girl from Belarus, from your platform. Now I lost my job, can’t buy food and pay rent 🤡✌️.

“Meanwhile, people who really take part in the war don’t have any problems, but models and cosplayers can’t work and earn income. Thank you for these ‘real actions’.”

The Daily Beast has reached out to OnlyFans for comment.


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