Michigan Wolverines Aidan Hutchinson problem with arm length measurement


The measurements taken in the NFL Combine can become a very big deal for HR departments across the league.

Earlier this week, quarterback Kenny Pickett’s small hand size sent the internet into a frenzy.

Michigan Wolverines defensive end Aidan Hutchinson was rumored to have below-average arm length in front of the combine.

His official arm length measurement was announced on Saturday morning. Hutchinson’s arm length was officially measured at 32 1/8 inches.

His arm length of less than 33 inches is notable as he is tasked with defending himself against the league’s fiercest right tackles on a weekly basis.

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Any disadvantage would give opposing offenses an advantage in protecting their quarterback.

According to former NFL scout Daniel Kelly, “Arm length is important for defenders to deflect passes and create blocker separation at the attack point. A scout would wonder if Hutchinson’s shorter arm length will cause problems for him to create a separation there and keep blockers away from him.

Kayvon Thibodeaux says that playing soccer is similar to playing chess

The talented Oregon defenseman, who will be among the players coveted by Lions fans if the team decides against Hutchinson, says the game of soccer is akin to playing chess.

“Chess is life and chess is football. You’re talking about making your first move, and your first move will set up your second move, then your third move forward,” Thibodeaux told reporters on Friday. “Speaking of pass rush, I will hit you with speed first. I always hit you with speed, speed, speed That will set up my power moves, and then my power moves will set up my counter.”

On Saturday, Thibodeaux’s arm length was 33.5 inches.


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