12 of the best baby toys


Though they’re a long way from playing with LEGOs, tea party sets or board games, babies are as young as one to three months old are able to interact and enjoy age-appropriate toys. Aside from being safe – check out these guidelines BabyCenter – The best baby toys are the ones that arouse little ones’ curiosity and grab their attention, be it through interesting shapes, sizes, textures, sounds or colors.

Best toys for babies from 0 to 6 months

Inflatable water mat

Tummy Time Premium inflatable water mat


This ocean-inspired aquatic mat is the perfect spot to strengthen your head, neck, and shoulder muscles through the activity widely known as “belly time.” To use it, simply inflate the perimeter with air and the inner rectangle with water, lay on the floor and stand by while your baby practices holding his head up, nodding it from side to side and finally to roll around The mat is intended for babies from three months. You can read the Mayo Clinic’s recommendations for daily tummy time here.

Kick n’ Play Piano Gym

Deluxe Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym


With 4.8 stars and more than 20,000 reviews on Amazon, the Kick n’ Play Piano Gym is a small stimulation center for fast-growing minds. It features a soft and machine washable playmat under an arch with four dangling toys and a vertical keyboard at one end for babies to “play” with their feet. Newborn to three year olds can enjoy the Piano Gym, which has three levels with smart stages growing alongside her.

NogginStick light rattle

NogginStik evolutionary light rattle


There aren’t many toys that advertise Ages: Birth +, but the NogginStick Light-Up Rattle is one of them. Shaped like a stick man with no arms or legs, the colorful rattle features a head that lights up and changes from red to blue to green when shaken, and a mirror on the underside of the base. (Judging by my three month old, babies love to look at themselves!) The stick body is long and thin enough for a baby’s hand to grab it too when ready.

Best toys for babies from 6 to 12 months

Stack cups

By the time your baby is six months old, they may be ready to explore stacking cups (aka nesting cups), like Danish company Mushie’s eight-piece set. Safe for both dry and wet use, each BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free plastic cup features a distinctive cut-out design on the bottom that livens up bath time and water play. She would never know, but the mugs aren’t just for fun; They also encourage the development of organization, language and fine motor skills.

Dimple baby toys

Original baby toys from Dimple

Fat brain toy



A 4.8-star Amazon favorite with more than 18,000 reviews, the Dimple is a great choice for babies six months old and up. Marketed as a “portable, sensory treat,” it looks like a plastic disc with five differently shaped bubbles of 100% food-grade silicone nested inside. Each time your child manipulates the bubbles by squeezing them in and out, they will work on sensory exploration, fine motor skills, and cause and effect learning.

Best Bath Toy

Floating purple octopus bath toy

Swimming purple octopus with 3 hoopla rings


To take your baby’s bath time to the next level, check out the floating purple octopus bath toy. Part floating toy, part interactive play, the lively and flexible octopus comes with three rings – shaped like a fish, a star and a striped circle – to place on its tentacles or toss. Intended for ages 18 months and up, the octopus is a great teaching tool for hand-eye coordination.

Float and Play Bubbles bath toys

Float and Play Bubbles Bath Toys, Pack of 4


Babies as young as four months old will have fun with this set of four swim and play bubbles, each enclosing either a turtle, a penguin or a fun abstract shape in its transparent sleeve. The contents of each bubble rattle and roll as the textured ring surrounding each bubble moves freely around them. It’s never too early to start working on motor skills or hand-eye coordination, and these floating bath toys are a fun place to start.

Best teething toy

Children’s toothbrush & teething ring

Yellow banana children’s toothbrush


With the appearance of a miniature banana with a toothbrush head on top, the baby banana does double duty, serving as both a teething toy and a training toothbrush. Designed for small, sensitive mouths, it’s made from 100% food-grade silicone (bristles included). Not only can you let it gnaw on it when it starts teething, you can freeze it for a little extra relief and when the first tooth comes through, apply a dab of child-safe toothpaste to the bristles.

Winkel rattle & sensory teething toy

Winkel rattle & sensory teething toy


Winkel isn’t a traditional teether, but a “hypnotic maze of soft, end-to-end BPA-free teething tubes” that acts as both a toy and a soothing agent for sore gums. The center cube rattles, the loops offer great gripping practice, and like the Baby Banana, the angle can be frozen for extra gum relief if needed. It is suitable for newborns and older and is an Amazon’s Choice for baby teething toys from 0 to 6 months.

Sophie the giraffe teether

Sophie the giraffe new box


For a teether with a twist, look no further than Sophie the giraffe. A seven inch giraffe is made from 100% natural rubber and offers little mouths different shapes and textures to explore, whether they choose their legs, ears, neck or body. Flexible, squeaky and safe to chew, Sophie the giraffe has been loved by children for over 55 years.

Best toy for baby development

Black and White Jungle Alphabet Cards

Flashcards for babies


As long as you set your expectations accordingly, these jungle animal flashcards can be a great entertainment and learning tool for little ones up to three years old. High-contrast colors like black and white are easier for toddlers to perceive than bright colorsthat come a little later (starting with red), making these cards an excellent choice for brand new babes. If he is old enough, he can also use it to learn the alphabet and work on his memory.

Three Tier Activity Center

Baby Activity Center: Interactive play center with 3-level Grow with Me functionality


It takes up a lot of space, but unlike most baby toys, Skip Hop’s 3-tier activity center is an acquisition your baby will enjoy for a few years as they grow and develop. By the fourth month he can sit on a swivel chair in the center of the unit and play with various toys that suck to the brim. Once she outgrows this, she can switch to holding on to the outside while driving around, later using it as her own mini activity table.


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