10 celebrities who played ice hockey


From award-winning actors to Grammy-winning singers, ice hockey has an interesting following. Some have taken their fandom to a much deeper level.

Steve Carl

Not many Hollywood actors have their own elite prospects page, but Steve Carell is one of them.

Before appearing on the small and big screens, Carell nursed the fold at Denison University of the ACHA. While hopes of making it to the NHL fell short, he was still able to show off some of his skills on camera to remind us of his past on the ice.

Keanu Reeves

What is Keanu Reaves’ first real-life role in North America? Too many, they would probably say Young blood. Reaves’ history in the game goes back much further than his role as the goalie for the film’s Hamilton Mustangs. Reeves played for De La Salle College for some time and earned a tryout with the OHL’s Windsor Spitfires.

In his own words, he said he never dreamed of an NHL career and “never wanted it to get too serious.”

It’s safe to say that while a career in ice hockey wasn’t in his plans, his acting career was a successful endeavor.

Paris Hilton

tv star? Check. Dj? Check. hotel heiress? Check. hockey player? Yes. For real.

The socialite played high school hockey for a year in 1998-99 as a forward at Canterbury School in New Medford, Connecticut.

She still loves the game and has also appeared at Los Angeles Kings games over the years.

Wyatt Russell

Today he is in the family business. But Captain America once had a hockey career, handling the kink in various junior leagues, the NCAA and even a few professional stints in Germany and Holland before retiring in 2010.

Russell buckled his pads again for the Breakaway Challenge during NHL All-Star Weekend in Las Vegas, and he showed he can still do it.

Dennis Leary

You’ll hardly find a more die-hard Boston Bruins fan in Hollywood than Denis Leary. The actor has been starring in various charity games and celebrity games for many years and he has some serious skills to boot.

In the past, Leary has also hosted various charity games to help firefighters in need.

Matthew Perry

Chandler Bing appeared in Friends at a few New York Rangers games, but the actor behind the man also played the game a bit.

Raised in Ottawa, Perry appeared in numerous NHL commercials throughout the 1990s, and after growing up playing the game at home, he had no problem showing off some skills. He also competed in the 1996 Hockey Hollywood Cup at the NHL Breakout event near the Santa Monica Pier.

Justin Bieber

The musical phenomenon’s ability to play the game is well documented, from skating with the Toronto Maple Leafs to celebrity games to challenging Jordan Binnington to a shootout. No matter where his career in music takes him, his love of sport has never left him.

Avril Lavigne

Maybe Avril Lavigne really had hockey in mind when she wrote Sk8er Boi. The Canadian music icon grew up with the sport running in his blood and even played on the women’s team at Napanee District High School.

Lavine played until she was 16 when she signed a record deal and soon became a worldwide music star following the success of her debut album Let It Go in 2002. It’s safe to say it’s been a solid career path for her.

Taylor Kitsch

When you think of Taylor Kitsch, you might think of football thanks to his portrayal of Tim Riggins on NBC’s friday night lights. But a long time ago he drove buses in the world of junior hockey. Before a knee injury ended his hockey career, Kitsch spent time in the AJHL, SJHL and BCH, scoring a career-high 23 points in 36 games with the Langley Hornets in 2000-01.

While a professional career might not have been in sight, a modeling and film career has led to far greater success.

Dylan Playfair

The Playfair name is well known in hockey circles and Dylan Playfair was a part of it. The former junior league player may not have followed his father Jim into an NHL career as a player and coach, but as an actor he’s still been able to stay close to his hockey roots.

Playfair, who has had stints in the KIJHL and BCHL, started out in hockey-related roles strange man rush, Letterkenny and the Mighty Ducks: game changers.


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