FromSoftware intends to expand “Elden Ring” into its own franchise


Since Elden ring The gothic open-world RPG, released at the end of February, has attracted the attention and attention of gamers around the world. As of this writing, the game is the best seller Charts from Steamand, in a press release This morning, developer FromSoftware said the game has sold 12 million copies worldwide, with over a million copies shifted in Japan alone. Aside from this milestone, the company has plans for a turnaround Elden ring to their own franchise. According to the publication, fans of the game are encouraged to “look forward to more Elden ring as intellectual property (characters and other intellectual property) in hopes of expanding beyond the realm of games.”

Yasuo Miyakawa, the President and CEO of BANDAI NAMCO (who worked with FromSoftware to develop and market the game), also addressed the potential of a cascading network Elden ring-related creative ventures:

“A lot of effort went into the development of ‘ELDEN RING’ so that we could exceed the expectations of our fans around the world. Likewise, we will continue our efforts to expand the brand beyond the game and into everyone’s daily life.”

No specifics have been given as to what this plan entails, but given the game’s immediate success, we could imagine it could take the form of everything from board games to television and film projects.

The Age of Netflix Adaptation – While it still remains difficult to adapt video games to the silver screen just by looking at recent developments Unexplored Movie Show’s TV adaptation seems like a more appropriate medium for video games to get the proper treatment they deserve. It makes more sense to go the TV route as video games are all about immersion and world building, which tends to be easier if you have ten hours instead of two.

As noted by The ringtone, “Video games aren’t so much stories as environments… They kick around. You learn to live with the premise… The player’s involvement in a video game, even in the most self-consciously “cinematic” titles, has increasingly resembled serial literature and seasonal television.”

This could be why Netflix has had success with its treatment of Castlevaniareceived four seasons from the streaming giant, and why The Witcher is one of his most popular shows. The CupHead Show! is another example of the video game-to-TV pipeline reviews were a little lazy with this particular project.

Well, whether the extension of the Elden ring Brand arrives in a movie or TV show is another question entirely, but the roadmap for FromSoftware is there – take the time to develop a multi-year endeavor that allows fans to exist in the game’s universe, without trying to immediately and exhaustively transport viewers to the film.


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