The final stage of the FIDE Grand Prix in Berlin is about to begin


The third and final leg of the FIDE Grand Prix Series 2022 organized by World Chess begins in Berlin. Over the next 13 days, the attention of chess fans around the world will turn to World Chess Club Berlin, a chess venue in the German capital where the chess superstars will compete for €150,000 and, most importantly, the last two spots in World Chess Club Berlin will be upcoming Candidates Tournament.

The challenge is not easy as the winner of the second leg, Grandmaster Richard Rapport almost secured first place, but the strongest chess players competing in the last leg are ready to fight.

The pool phase starts on March 22nd. This round consists of four groups, and the four winners of the groups advance to the semifinals and then two players advance to a final. As the first two stages of the Grand Prix proved, this format should keep the number of draws to a minimum.

The pairings for Round 1 make up the exciting line-up:

Pool A:
Andrey Esipenko (FIDE), 2723 — Grigory Oparin (FIDE), 2674
Levon Aronian (USA), 2785 — Hikaru Nakamura, (USA), 2750

Pool B:
Vincent Keymer (Germany), 2655 — Shakhriyar Mamedyarov (Azerbaijan), 2776
Daniil Dubov (FIDE), 2711 — Leinier Dominguez (USA), 2756

Basin C:
Sam Shankland (USA), 2704 — Wesley So (USA), 2778
Alexandr Predke (FIDE), 2682 — Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (France), 2761

Pool D:
Anish Giri (Netherlands), 2771 — Yangyi Yu (China), 2713
Nikita Vitiugov (FIDE), 2726 — Amin Tabatabaei (Iran), 2623

Due to restrictions, only 35 guests per day are allowed to visit the venue. Tickets for the tournament sold out in February.

For those who didn’t manage to purchase tickets or are unable to attend the tournament for any other reason, the tournament will be broadcast on, the official gaming platform of the series.

About the tournament:

The three-tournament series, which will run from February to April, will feature 24 of the world’s top grandmasters competing in two out of three events. To make the series more exciting with a minimum number of draws, FIDE and World Chess have changed the format. In this series, each event consists of a group stage, followed by a knockout semi-final and a final.

Two winners from the series will qualify for the Candidates Tournament later in 2022. The prize money for each event is EUR 150,000, an increase of EUR 20,000 compared to 2019.

The third stage of the FIDE Grand Prix takes place in the city center Unter den Linden 26-30. Rounds begin at 3:00 p.m. Berlin time.

Due to the current COVID restrictions, only a limited number of tickets are available. Please note that the 3G regulation applies to the event.

The games will be broadcast live.

Leading partners supporting the FIDE Grand Prix Series 2022:

Kaspersky as official cybersecurity partner;
Algorand as official blockchain partner;
Prytek as technology transfer partner;
FIDE Online Arena as official partner.


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