Summary of the US Chess Special Delegates Meeting


In January, the US Chess Executive Board announced its intention to move the organization’s headquarters to the St. Louis, Missouri area. Plans for this move are progressing, with the move expected before the end of 2022.

An important milestone in this process was the approval of the US Chess Board of Delegates for the sale of the headquarters building in Crossville, Tennessee. The board called a special meeting of delegates to this end and on Wednesday 23 March 2022 the delegates voted 77-3-3 to go ahead with the sale of the building.

The next steps in this process will be for US Chess to secure a location for its office in the St. Louis area and list the Crossville building with a local real estate agent. Both steps are already underway. In addition, US Chess staff have cataloged the library collection and prepared for the digitization of other important artifacts of our history.

The Board thanks the delegates for their contributions to the discussion and for taking questions during the town hall meetings. We also thank the Life Member Asset (LMA) Trust and the US Chess Bylaws Committee for their input.

We appreciate the commitment of our delegates and for their participation in this important meeting. In case you missed the meeting, you can watch a replay below or on the US Chess YouTube channel.


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