Star Wars Original Trilogy LEGO diorama sets recreate famous scenes


LEGO debuts new Star Wars diorama sets that highlight scenes from the original trilogy, including the Death Star trench ride and the trash compactor.

New war of stars LEGO diorama sets recreate iconic scenes from the original trilogy. war of stars has been a huge property since the debut of the first film in 1977. The film grew into a franchise, as The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi quickly followed and cemented itself in the cultural zeitgeist with massive popularity. Over the years, war of stars has seen other films released while expanding intellectual property with other forms of entertainment and collectibles. There were numerous war of stars– Themed video games, comics, TV shows, board games, action figures and even LEGO sets.

Lego produced war of stars-Branded sets since 1999, with an X-wing Starfighter being the first buildable model to be released. Since that time, war of stars has become one of LEGO’s best-selling themes, now featuring numerous sets of varying scales and details. LEGO recently released a massive war of stars AT-AT, which retails for $799.99, has 6,785 pieces that are over two feet tall. Now LEGO is building its war of stars Theme with new diorama sets.


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As seen at LEGO‘s website, there are three new diorama sets with different price and quantity. The sets include the Death Star Trench Run, the Death Star Trash Compactor and the Dagobah Jedi Training. The Trench Run and Trash Compactor are both from the start war of stars Movie, A new hopewith the Dagobah training set, which dates back to Luke’s time with Yoda The Empire Strikes Back. The Death Star Trench Run diorama is 665 pieces for $59.99, the Dagobah Jedi Training diorama is 1,000 pieces for $79.99, and the Death Star Trash Compactor diorama is 802 pieces for $89.99. Check out the new LEGO war of stars Dioramas below:

Beyond Icon Recovery war of stars Scenes, each diorama has unique aspects. Each set includes a quote from the film featured on the front of the diorama, with some extra features such as the trash compactor with walls that can approach the included minifigures. Aside from Trench Run, which does not contain any minifigures, the Trash Compactor contains figures of Luke, Leia, Han and Chewbacca, with the Dagobah Training Set containing Luke, Yoda and R2-D2.

Everyone war of stars The LEGO diorama is currently available for pre-order, with an official release scheduled for April 26th. While the dioramas will likely be available for some time after their release, LEGO regularly discontinues the sets, meaning they will only be available for a limited time. After a LEGO set is retired, prices tend to skyrocket and become far more expensive than their original retail prices. So for war of stars Fans looking to get their hands on the new LEGO diorama sets will find themselves cheaper sooner than later.

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