Central Texas Comic Con returned to Waco

Many guests came to Central Texas Comic Con in cosplay. Photographer | Camryn Duffy

By Foster Nicholas | reporter

On Saturday and Sunday, Waco hosted the Comic-Con in Central Texas at the Extraco Events Center. A huge sales hall with 125 booths, panels, autograph guests, cosplay competitions and gaming tournaments, the convention had something for everyone.

All weekend, hundreds of people poured through the doors to attend another successful Comic-Con in Waco. The 125 booths were almost double the size of the last event. Retailers had comics as well as collectibles, minifigures, video games, t-shirts, and more. But even with so much stuff to watch, the biggest draw for many fans was the cosplay. Event attendee Jason Quill dressed up as the Joker and spent more than 36 hours creating his costume.

“This is the great escape. All the nerds like me can’t wait until we can meet up with people to talk to about all this stuff,” Quill said after letting out his version of the Joker laugh.

The event was attended by more than 200 people dressed up as their favorite anime characters, movie characters or even comic book heroes. The doppelgangers included several people dressed as Spiderman, someone dressed as Ferris Bueller, and many elves, goblins, and ghouls.

“It’s so much fun being myself and doing the things I love to do with other people who love the same things,” said Samantha Anderson, a contestant dressed as an elf.

As well as the cosplay and vendors, there were video game competitions and tournaments including Sonic, several retro games and Super Smash Bros. Hundreds of people attended the tournament between Saturday and Sunday and had lots of laughs as they fought their way on a good time.

In addition to the video game tournament, there were free board games for all participants and a large Yu-Gi-Oh tournament.

The biggest draw for many fans and visitors were the celebrities and the panels. The celebs were spread out over the weekend and each had their own panel where they could share their experiences with fans and sign autographs.

Some celebrities have included original Power Rangers actors Austin St John and Karan AshleyDavid Ankrum – Wedge Antilles actor from the original Star Wars films – and Adassa, voice actor in Encanto.

“It was so cool to finally meet my idol [Adassa.] I’ve seen ‘Encanto’ so many times and now that I’ve actually been able to speak in front of the characters with the beautiful voice, I’m thrilled,” said Addison Huntly, contestant.


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