Inside the Beltway: Biden makes his “50th Vacation”


The Republican Party dutifully pursues, as often President Biden left the White House for the weekend for his home state of Delaware, where he owns two very nice homes.

Mr. Biden has now reached an important milestone in the last 48 hours.

The President celebrated his 50th birthday this weekend. Vacation” in Delaware, Republican National Committee spokesman Nathan brand said in a statement.

In doing so, “Mr. Biden ignores the havoc he has wreaked on American wallets, on our southern border and on our nation’s standing on the world stage,” Mr. Brand said.

“The only thing Biden is doing more than vacationing is making the lives of working families worse with Biden’s gas hike and skyrocketing prices for everyday goods. Voters are more than willing to send Biden and the congressional Democrats on a permanent vacation,” he concluded.


“All Malarkey, all the time.”

This handy phrase comes from the New York Post columnist Michael Goodwinwho gives several examples President Bidens tendency to avoid direct conversations and helpful responses when on the public stage.

“It feels like just yesterday when Joe Biden promised there would be ‘No Malarkey’ in his White House. To make the point, he had the words painted in giant letters on a bus he was using in 2019,” Mr Goodwin wrote on Sunday.

“However you translate Malarkey — ‘bulls—’ is the best option — it’s clear that Biden broke his promise that there would be none. In fact, spreading Malarkey here, there and everywhere has been the hallmark of his presidency, which is why his party is panicking,” he continued.

“The last 16 months have provided endless examples of Biden being thoroughly insane all the time,” said Mr. Goodwin.


Mike Pompeo is working on a book, according to Publisher’s Weekly.

The former secretary of state and former CIA director now writes his thoughts for Broadcast Books, Harper Collins’ conservative imprint, which has also published work by Fox News anchors Shannon Bream, Rachel Campos-Duffy and Jesse Watter and by conservative columnists Ben Shapiro.

The content is remarkable.

According to the editor, Mr. Pompeo will provide “candid and thoughtful reporting on how the Trump administration has addressed the world’s most pressing foreign policy challenges to deliver winning outcomes for the American people.”

The book comes out in November.

Incidentally, Mr. Pompeo is the chairman of CAVPAC – Champion American Values ​​PAC.

According to a mission statement, the political action committee “fights to advance the conservative values ​​on which America was founded, to strike back against the ‘awakened’ liberals who are pushing their ideology into our homes, schools, workplaces and communities, and lead candidates throughout.” America to victory who share our vision.”

Governors and Borders

Republican governors in 26 states recently created the American Governors’ Border Strike Force — described as “a partnership across state lines to accomplish what the federal government has failed to do: protect our communities from ruthless transnational criminal organizations.”

The push is led by Govs. Gregory Abbott of texas and Doug Ducey of Arizona — and her proactive stance comes at an opportune time given the current immigration challenges. According to press releases issued by the federal agency on Friday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials are faced with the following:

Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents assigned to the Interstate Highway 35 checkpoint stopped a tractor-trailer north of the Texas city and discovered more than 120 undocumented people inside, including unaccompanied children.

Laredo Port of Entry officers also seized 1,761 pounds of methamphetamine valued at over $35 million in a commercial truck transporting what was described as “strawberry puree.”

Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol Police agents disrupted activities at two “people smuggling hideouts”, assisted four injured migrants who jumped from a “speeding vehicle” in an attempt to escape, and encountered 116 “non-citizens” near La Grulla – including 35 Family members, 29 unaccompanied children and 52 single adults.

Incidentally, this is only a partial listing of recent border encounters.


The US Supreme Court on Monday will hear hearings in a religious liberty case to decide whether a short prayer that high school football coach Joseph Kennedy made after games in midfield is protected or seen as coerced advocacy of religion.

Mr. Kennedy was a football coach at the Bremerton School District in Washington state and lost his job in 2015 because of his prayers.

“After every football game, coach Joseph Kennedy would take time to pray. School officials urged him to end the tradition, eventually suspending Kennedy from his job. They argued that failure to censor Kennedy’s prayer was tantamount to state sanctioning of the religion and would make viewers uncomfortable,” reports Becket Law.

The non-profit public interest law firm has filed a Friend of the Court brief emphasizing that visible manifestations of faith are common to many religious traditions and “should be protected by the US Constitution and should not be excluded.

The firm’s overall intention on her behalf is to “emphasize the importance of protecting religious expression and the longstanding tradition of public prayer in our country.”

Mr. Kennedy, a retired Marine, is being represented before the Supreme Court by First Liberty Institute, Kirkland & Ellis LLP, Spencer Fane LLP and The Helsdon Law Firm PLLC.

The case will be heard at 10 a.m. Monday.


• 63% of US adults believe inflation will increase over the next year.

• 58% believe mortgage rates will increase over this period, 57% believe their personal monthly bills will increase.

• 54% believe their taxes will increase; 34% say the number of unemployed in the US will increase.

• 25% believe their household income, including wages and benefits, will increase.

• 24% believe their total debt will increase; 22% say their standard of living will improve.

SOURCE: An Ipsos survey of 927 US adults conducted April 18-19.

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