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Readers of all ages will benefit from book club materials and senior kits purchased with funds from a National Endowment of the Humanities grant from the American Library Association awarded to the James V. Brown Library.

“We’ve bought tons of materials for book clubs of all ages,” Dana Brigandi, the library’s marketing and program director, made the announcement to the board of trustees at their monthly meeting.

For the first time, 10 three-year-old children are taking part in a book club, which is being held at one of the story-mobile stations.

“You will all receive free copies of the book for your home library,” Bridge said.

In addition to book clubs, a portion of the grant money goes towards senior outreach kits.

“Another new project we tried to implement just before the outbreak of COVID was the Senior Outreach Kits. Those will be bags for everyone to check out.” She said.

“Inside there are materials specifically designed for seniors of different ages and abilities. Some will be jigsaw puzzles of various sizes, ranging from 24 pieces to 1,000 pieces depending on cognitive ability, as not everyone has access to different jigsaw puzzles and things like that. She said.

The kits also include things like magnetic toys, tangrams, and other board games.

“Only funny things. You know large print, word searches, things that would appeal to adults. You can keep some of the materials and then just have to return the bag and then we can refill it.” explained Brigandi. She noted that she is working to get funds to keep replenishing the kits.

In her report, Brigandi highlighted her efforts to secure scholarships and funding for the Summer Learning Program. A kiosk with DipJar has been set up at the Welch entrance to allow guests to do so “dive” their debit or credit card for $10 to sponsor a summer student.

Brigandi also informed the board that a local donor has provided $5,000 to improve the children’s area as part of the project “Family Place certification and aiming to be more of a children’s museum destination.”

The area will feature a new train table as well as a duplo station in that corner of the area.

“We wanted to make sensory wall tiles that lay on the floor, but they actually work better as stepping stones, so we installed them in the walkway when you go down the ramp to the kids’ area. We also have a made-to-order toy garage and lockout boards.” she said

Actions taken at the Trustee Meeting included the approval of an information security policy and procedures.

Community Impacts recorded 7,311 in-person visits and 8,017 unique online visits last month. Barbara McGary, executive director, reported that 227 people received library cards.

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