Monopoly is asking fans to vote on returning a “throwback” game token


The Thimble. The wheelbarrow. The iron. The boat. The horse and the rider. The money bag.

These classic tokens, once famous for traversing the Monopoly board, have been “retired” over the years, no longer allowed to pass and collecting $200 for players.

For a lucky charm, that’s about to change. Beginning Thursday, Hasbro, Inc. is asking fans to vote for a “throwback token” from the above list to return in the next generation of the incredibly popular board game.

Visit to vote for your favorite throwback token. The biggest voter is given a new lease of life in a “refreshed” version of the board game, due out this fall. However, that means one token will have to go from the current lineup – Scottie, Battleship, Race Car, Top Hat, Penguin, T-Rex, Hazel the Cat, and Rubber Ducky. Fans can also vote for the outgoing token.

Monopoly has been one of the most popular board games in the world since its introduction in 1935.

Here’s a look at the list of “Throwback” tokens looking to return to Monopoly:

The Money Bag|
The Thimble |
The Wheelbarrow |
The Boot|
The horse and the rider |

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