Ecofitness dazzles with Maiden Basketball Slam Competition


Ecofitness Hub, the one-stop destination for fitness enthusiasts and fitness fans in Lagos, stepped up its game with the inaugural Eco Fitness Basketball Slam, held in Lagos last weekend.

The exciting 10-team basketball tournament – Estate Kings, Mainland Rockets, NPA Warriors, Police Batons, Rapid Counters, Reapers, River Dragons, Lere Vets, LXB and Dream Team – offers an exciting glimpse into the future of Nigerian basketball.

After hours of intense battles, Mainland Rockets emerged as champions of the first Eco Fitness Basketball Slam while Police Baton took second place. Mainland Rockets, the number one team, smiled home with a cash prize of 150,000, while Police Baton received a 100,000 reward for the second best team. And that’s not all, other participating teams went home with various consolation prizes for their participation in the exciting tournament.

The main highlight of the completion, sponsored by Loft and Keys, Bimz Lounge, Fresh Baked Confectionerys and assisted by Hon. Abimbola Yenekunme Ajose, was the presentation of the Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards, presented by David Arum of Mainland Rockets and Malu Williams of Police Baton were won.

Located on the ultra-exclusive Buena Vista Estate, Orchid Road in Lagos State’s premier Lekki area, the Ecofitness Hub is in a league of its own when it comes to fitness and a complete center for a healthy lifestyle. Ecofitness Hub is jam-packed with the very latest in luxury gyms and tech-equipped gyms to rival any international fitness center anywhere in the world.

Ecofitness Hub showcases an impressive range of facilities that include a gym, soccer field, basketball court, lawn tennis court, volleyball court, chess set, BBQ area, laundry, lounge, supermarket, children’s playground and much more.


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