The rise of a bookworm’s newest character suddenly falls ill with an illness


Season 3 of Ascendance of a Bookworm didn’t let Myne down. Episode 6 brings another new problem for the industrious bookworm to solve.

The following contains spoilers for Ascendance of a Bookworm Season 3 Episode 6 “The Abandoned Child of the Cathedral” and “Making Colors”.,” is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Myne is no longer just the frail, weak protagonist of Rise of a Bookworm; Today, their entourage continues to grow as their reach expands. She already owns a workshop making ink, books and board games. She has established her identity as a blue-robed shrine maiden, and her latest endeavor is taking over the orphanage. In Season 3, Episode 6, another character falls into her care – and she brings with her a rather worrying problem.

While Myne’s top priorities are books and her family, she has never failed to consider the greater good. She initially didn’t bother to profit from her creations and also took responsibility for the neglected orphanage. Recent developments in Rise of a Bookworm dropped another task on her lap.

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Myne is so happy with the birth of her new little brother that she couldn’t stop talking about him. She was so excited to be a big sister that she immediately set to work creating colored ink and planning to make books that would be appropriate for her adolescent brother. Logically, her servants were the recipients of this enthusiasm and the stories about her brother. The fun took an interesting turn, however, when one of the servants intruded while carrying an infant; She explained that the child was given to the gods as an offering.

Myne understood that the real reason was probably the parents’ inability to raise a child. With the Cathedral unable to avoid the baby, the responsibility fell on Myne and her servants. She consulted Ferdinand, but he too had no experience of raising children. The best advice he could give Myne was to hire a wet nurse, although he added that there might not be anyone who would accept working at the orphanage. Delia, Lutz, and the others were assigned to take turns feeding the baby. Just as the group was barely able to take care of Dirk, the child fell ill.

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Although the baby’s specific illness is unclear, it shows symptoms similar to chickenpox. Dirk had pimples and a high fever all over his body. Given the technological advances in Rise of a Bookworm, the current drugs can be plant-based. It is not yet known if they already have a drug that can treat Dirk’s condition. If it doesn’t, and it turns out to be contagious, Myne will have to go first – especially as her younger brother will be the most vulnerable should the disease spread.

Myne already has her hands full with the myriad of evil tricks against her, and Dirk’s introduction to the story brings another problem to her plate. Not only is raising a child without a foster mother a problem, but a potentially contagious disease ups the ante Rise of a Bookworm higher than ever.

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