Osaka’s Hotel Games isn’t just full of board games, it’s a game!


All hostels and no game make guests boring people.

There are many cafes and bars offering a wide range of board games to keep customers entertained and you might even find a hotel that occasionally lends a box of Kerplunk or a Deck UNO to guests. hotel games in Osaka’s bustling Namba district, however, takes it a step further and really immerses guests in board games.

Anyone can enter and enjoy the hotel their collection of 130 types of board games from Japan and around the world in an all-you-can-play format for 3,250 yen ($25) per person on the Playable Porch in the lobby on the second floor. They even have a board game sommelier on hand to offer recommendations and directions for unfamiliar games so visitors can find their new favorites.

But for the full experience, it’s advisable to check into one of the many room types. The board-game-friendly standard rooms come in styles for all ages and can accommodate up to five people, giving you enough players to cover all gaming needs.

▼ Children’s rooms are very child-friendly

▼ There are also rooms with terraces for outdoor games

For a more interactive overnight stay, there is one too Werewolf Murder Mystery Room. Despite the name, there are actually several crime games to choose from, only most of which feature werewolves.

Guests can even go beyond their rooms and play eight hotel games built into the system.

▼ A video tour of Hotel Games

in the coin huntplayers have to hunt for coins… Many of the best games are ones that don’t require much explanation.

in the Overnight mischievous werewolf Our lycanthrope friends take a break from killing and play harmless pranks on guests. Each guest gets a card for an action like “Put a fork in the fridge” or “Hang three hangers together” and has to complete the task in such a way that the others don’t notice it until the next morning.

If you visit the hotel games you will also notice a grid of numbers outside of each elevator area. This is for players of the Elevator guessing game. When an elevator comes, just jump onto a square to guess how many people will get off and crush your opponents with predictive power. It also feels very nice to step out of an elevator and cheer on someone upon arrival.

All hotels are known for their pictogram signs, but only with Hotel Games do they become independent and escape their two-dimensional limitations. Find them all and be crowned Champion Hide and seek pictogram.

That’s only half of the special hotel games available. There are those too Dice challenge, drinking puzzle, additional rules for your journeyand the secret room This is a hidden room full of treasures that guests must find by solving a series of puzzles.

▼ I just hope that sweetheart isn’t an excuse like “friendship” or something

Even the reception is decorated in the style of the Japanese card game, Hanafuda, and the wall pattern changes every month.

It’s certainly a building so packed with fun it’s hard to sleep, and with its convenient location in downtown Osaka, there’s no shortage of outdoor entertainment either. You can even try to solve the mystery of the hidden train station canteen nearby if you dare…

hotel information
Hotel Games Mimaru Osaka Namba Station / ボードゲームホテルMIMARU大阪 難波STATION
Address: Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi, Naniwa-ku, Nipponbashi 3-6-24

Source: PR times above Netlab
Images: PR Times
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