Dhruv Dileep: Little chess champion ready to make the right moves


Dhruv Dileep, 7 years old. Dhruv recently won the Karnataka State U-7 Chess Championship run by the Chickballapur District Chess Association in conjunction with the Panchajanya Chess Academy.

Now Dhruv is ready to take part in the U-7 national teams taking place in Udaipur on July 15-20. Signs tell us that this student from DPS, Electronic City, could just bring in more credit.

Sometimes the achievements come unexpectedly, and their genesis lies in a fairly simple turn of events. Dhruv was introduced to chess a few years ago as the Covid pandemic and lockdown spread across the country.

Like thousands of other children, Dhruv was bound to the indoors, and there was every chance that the geek in a child could be awakened. Online classes, longer hours of TV, etc. might also have grabbed him.

But here the parents – Deepa, a book editor and Dileep, a C-Dot employee – have found an alternative – and bring Dhruv closer to chess. What started as a hobby soon exploded as a distraction into a full-fledged passion.

Dhruv Dileep with his parents

Dhruv met the remarkable chess coach Sushrutha Reddy and learned the nuances of this complex sport. “Sometimes we don’t really get the moves, but Dhruv makes the moves much easier and faster and his calculations are too good according to his trainers,” says Deepa.

“It was started as a hobby during lockdown and we didn’t have a lot of faith in him doing well. But now we are confident and even Dhruv, who also plays badminton, wants to continue playing chess. Hopefully we can get him to play in FIDE tournaments and see how he fares there,” she says.

Dhruv also shows off his skills on the Lichess online platform, but the parents face the challenge of balancing the time between sport and studying. “I think Dhruv took it quite well as his studies also improved after he started playing chess, especially in subjects like math. I also try to show him YouTube videos of different chess players and chess moves to keep him improving. He is currently watching videos of the late Russian Director General Mikhail Tal.”

Dhruv is currently being trained by Grandmaster Aarthie Ramaswamy and parents are hoping he takes him to the next level.

Dhruv’s date of birth – April 13 – coincides with that of legendary Russian GM Garry Kasparov. Chess is all about numbers. Does this number ring then?


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