Guelph YouTuber shows board games aren’t just for kids


A Guelph woman hopes to get more people to play board games.

Jenna Beasley has started a YouTube channel focused on showcasing different board games and how they are suitable for everyone.

She has made videos on her original YouTube channel called “Lifestyle”, “Home Decor” and “Everyday Life”. Jenna Rosa for the past eight years.

In 2019, she and her boyfriend Francis Cheng started playing board games. Since then her love for the hobby has grown and she now has more than 130 games in her collection.

“Of course because of it , I showed my daily life, and board games happened to be part of my daily life,” Beasley said. “So I started showing it.”

In November 2021, she happened to make a video about her top 10 favorite board games. This video became her most viewed and liked video to date with over 65,000 views.

“I figured there’s an audience out there that might want to see board games,” she said.

As more and more people started to get interested in her board game videos, she decided to start a second channel by the name The board game gardenwho concentrated exclusively on her new hobby.

She posts videos with tips and suggestions on which board games to play, what her top favorites are, and how to find the perfect game for you.

“You know, if you like gardening, here are 10 board games about gardening,” Beasley explained. “I feel like people don’t really realize that there are more themes in board games than just typical Monopoly.”

“I really wanted to emphasize that there are so many different types of board games. And if you have a hobby, there’s bound to be a board game on that theme that you really enjoy.”


Beasley launched The Board Game Garden last month and already has nearly 2,000 subscribers.

“I didn’t expect it to grow so fast,” Beasley said. “I’ve gotten a lot of other board game content creators to talk to me and contact me.”

“I’m not surprised at their success, but I’m more surprised at the speed,” said her friend Francis Cheng. “She gets a lot of comments back… It shows that a lot of people are interested in the hobby too.”

Beasley said while she’s cashing in on her original Jenna Rose channel, it’s too early to start making money from the board game site. For now, she said, the goal is just to show how fun playing board games can be.

“It’s just a really good way to sit around a table with friends and family.”

She said board games aren’t just for kids, they’re for everyone.


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