Ex-Bundesliga professional involved in unusual injury


We usually report Bayern Munich news here, and while this story has absolutely no connection to Bayern Munich, it certainly raised some eyebrows. In surprising news, former Bundesliga player Thorsten Legat has put himself in the right position when it comes to his privacy. Corresponding sports1The ex-midfielder from VfB Stuttgart and Werder Bremen trained at RTL high diving for a stunt in a TV show. Legate landed awkwardly in the water, injuring his testicle. After doctors initially assumed there was a tear, it later became known that it had to be removed.


If you’ve ever been in a pool and slapped your hand on the water and it stung, what Legat experienced was way, way worse. Legat has to live with his injury and has confirmed he will have it removed in a few months. “It will be removed in mid-August. At first I thought the world was upside down for me because I was shocked and sad,” Legat said on RTL.

How painful was it, Thorsten?
Photo by Henning Kaiser/Picture Alliance via Getty Images

Legat then said he was doing better and was told he would receive a cosmetic implant for the damaged testicle. “It’s like a breast implant,” he added. However, the accident won’t stop the former reality TV star from appearing on television. “You can’t break anything anymore. That’s good,” Legat said.


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