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Heritage clothing brand Champion has collaborated with Fnatic on a capsule collection that bridges the worlds of fashion and esports.

The limited collection consists of four hoodie designs, each inspired by the ancient elemental concepts of earth, air, fire and water. With a drop of just 400 hoodies, the elements represent different playstyles and character personalities commonly found in the world’s most popular games.

Each of the themes will be represented by an entourage of Fnatic Ambassadors who will bring their own twist to the capsule collection from a variety of media including music and games.

The embodiment of the Water faction is Che Lingo, one of South London’s most credible musical names. Featuring his critically acclaimed, award-winning album The Worst Generation (released on Idris Elba’s 7Wallace label), a litany of tracks featured in leading games such as FIFA 22 and NBA2K and featured three times in the Jujutsu Kaisen anime soundtrack; Che’s vocals will be familiar to regular players.

Discussing the importance of self-expression in creative formats, Che Lingo commented, “Making music and finding new ways to present real, tangible stories drives me creatively. The paths can often seem linear, so speaking my truth and continually transforming the landscape is exciting, not only for myself, but also contributing to the innovation we all seek.

“There’s a huge overlap of that in gaming, so this collection creates a positive space for gamers to bring their virtual personalities into a real-world forum and really engage beyond the screen.”

At the forefront of the Earth element is Jay-Ann Lopez, CEO and Founder of Black Girl Gamers™; a safe online space and platform that increases the visibility of black women in gaming and champions diversity and inclusion.

In a statement on fashion and gaming, Jay-Ann Lopez said, “Fashion has always been associated with gaming, but it’s something that many gamers from all walks of life enjoy. Fnatic’s collaboration with Champion is an exciting step towards creating a space where people can unite around a shared love of gaming and fashion.”

The Fire element is represented by Tekkz, a FIFA Pro Player Champion for Fnatic, often referred to as FIFA’s Lewis Hamilton. Team Air will be led by Boaster, a Fnatic gaming superstar known for his stage presence and high-profile skills within Valorant.

The intersection between gaming and fashion is a concept the esports company is consistently exploring. Sam Matthews, founder of Fnatic, said in a statement, “Bridging the gap between fashion and gaming is something we want to explore. The Champion x Fnatic collaboration is our opportunity to give back to the gaming community by offering fans multiple ways to express their virtual fandoms in the real world as well.”


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