The rings of power bring the character of the elf king Gil-galad to life


Gil-Galad is considered one of the most influential characters in The Lord of the Rings. He wrote a poem for himself in the Third Age, and it only speaks volumes about his powers. Gil-galad, king of the High Elves, is a ray of hope and vigor and is said to be the last of whose realms are free and just. After a significant storyline in the Third Age, Gil-galad is ready to embark on a fruitful journey into the Second Age of Middle-earth in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power from Amazon Prime Video.

Actor Benjamin Walker, who will be taking the mantle, has spilled the beans on how his character will come to life on the series. Walker said, “He has this Elvish sense of the impending rebirth of evil. He always anticipates it a second.”

He adds, “When we find him early in season one, he’s in a time of peace. But for Gil-Galad, that means something else entirely. This peace and freedom requires constant vigilance. And I think he’s playing the long chess game of preserving Middle-earth. He has this connection with the life force of Middle-earth, almost as if he can feel the tentacles of evil sliding beneath the crust of Middle-earth. And he knows it’s there. And so the question is, what am I going to do about it?”

Gil-galad’s end is known to all, where he fought with the Elves and the Men against Sauron and eventually lost his life. However, in The Rings of Power, set in the second age, his character will learn, grow, lead and try to save Middle-earth. “We know him as a warrior. We will see him as a warrior. But he’s a politician in the sense that we want him to be, trying to get the best out of all of us, until then we have to come together, we can,” Walker said.

As he struggles to do so, there is an internal challenge of “trusting people” that Gil-galad must overcome in the Amazon Original series. “He has to give his own world a life of its own. He has to let go like a parent does. The ultimate last loving thing is to let them go on their own and trust that they will do what is right. And that they will know what that is. And I think that’s why these characters that Tolkien created are evolving. Otherwise, he’s just this forward-thinking ruler who has a lot of experience and can kick ass when needed. He’s always evolving,” Walker shared. Gil-galad will form a strong bond with Elrond that will change the dynamic in the Second Age.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power examines the great events leading up to the Hobbit and LOTR trilogies. The series will be published in India in six languages ​​such as English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam.


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