Red Dead Online Support – End for GTA 6


Red Dead Online support was a major advantage for the players. The title has attracted countless players around the world. But it seems like the dream is ending for his fanbase.

It’s the first major update since his Red Dead Redemption 2 Game Pass is included. And it’s overwhelming to see how negative the news is.

This is followed by many complaints from players about the game being overlooked. has support totally focused on GTA Online. So Red Dead Online fans felt neglected by the developer.

However, it doesn’t look like the service will end immediately. The statement seems to be that there will be no major content updates. However, the servers could still remain operational.

But it’s not all bad news. The main reason seems to be shifting resources Direction GTA 6. So the world is getting closer to the next big release for the developer.

So what has the official blog say post?

Online support for the game is ending

Rockstar has constantly shifted resources to develop GTA 6. As such, they are shifting resources from Red Dead Online. This means that content updates for the title are ending.

However, that doesn’t mean the game will be dead. Players can expect events centered on the existing content. The same goes for seasonal content and game experience improvements. The same applies to Telegram missions.

Fans have constantly complained about the company’s negligence. They claim the game was canceled. And fan reports claimed that the game was a series of failures. This ranges from premium currencies to content passes. Development has also ignored bugs.

The same applies to missing communication and content promises. But the game isn’t completely dying just yet. However, fans should stop expecting big content integrations. The GTA universe will remain the main focus of the company.

Red Dead Online support is declining for GTA 6

The blog post stated that the main reason was the development of GTA 6. The statement begins with a thank you for the community’s dedication to the titles. But they have noticed that more players have focused on the GTA universe.

Recent launches on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S have boosted player count. As a result, they see less enthusiasm for Red Dead Online. The blog post mentions that more resources have been moved towards the next GTA entry.

They want to make it the best game possible. And that means their less successful projects have to go.

This will lead to changes in the development of Red Dead Online. Players can continue to expect monthly events and activities. The same applies to building on the existing foundation of the game.

Priorities shift to GTA Online

GTA Online was far more successful than Red Dead Online. Therefore, new updates will come to the game. His support does not change from his current status. So it will avoid the same fate as Red Dead Online.

And it makes sense. GTA Online has been a big moneymaker for the company. It’s the only major release since GTA 5. Also, it’s still good in both content and player count.

The game will feature new updates that will expand the existing criminal careers. The same applies to new contract missions and content.

The updates also include quality of life changes to the existing mechanics. Also, they will increase GTA$ payouts to reward players.

Overall, the game will continue in the previous rhythm. After all, Rockstar can’t just cut its biggest revenue stream.

Nevertheless you can enjoy Red Dead Online support In the foreseeable future. Just don’t expect the same level of commitment!


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