Canton couple plead guilty to failing to report proceeds from illegal gambling sites


Federal prosecutors have filed a motion to complete the forfeiture of $241,266 in illegal gambling proceeds once hidden in a Louisville YMCA locker.

The request to US District Judge Sara Lioi came on Friday, a day after a Canton couple entered guilty pleas in a case involving the operation of two “skill game” parlors in Plain Township.

The couple withdrew their objections to the forfeiture as part of their plea agreement in a 45-minute trial in US District Court in Cleveland before US District Judge Donald Nugent.

Federal prosecutors move July 15, 2022 by Robert Wang on Scribd to lift residency order for forfeiture

Jason Kachner pleaded guilty to two counts of tax fraud by failing to report income from assisting the operation of two illegal gambling establishments on tax returns from 2009 to 2018.

His wife, Rebecca Kachner, pleaded guilty to a count of United States fraud.

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A statement issued by the Justice Department says the couple made about $2.3 million from the illegal gambling business for about nine years and that they have not reported all earnings on their tax returns.

The statement said the couple faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison for each case.

Others attacked skill games in Stark County

Court records alleged that Jason Kachner partially owned and operated two illegal gambling businesses: Redemption Skill Games 777 at 2824 Whipple Ave. NW and Skilled Shamrock at 4225 Hills and Dales Road NW. Authorities said the two establishments had a total of 102 slot machines and both establishments illegally gave away cash prizes.

Prosecutors dropped several charges against the couple. These include conspiring to operate the illegal gambling business Skilled Shamrock, operating the illegal gambling business Skilled Shamrock, conspiring to operate the illegal gambling business Redemption, operating the illegal gambling business Redemption, and filing false federal income tax returns.

Federal crime charges, including conspiracy to illegally operate a gambling business, operating an illegal gambling business and fraud in the United States, remain pending against her co-defendants Christos Karasarides, Jr. and Ronald DiPietro.


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