The Best Detective Board Games (Making Players Feel Like Sherlock Holmes)


Sherlock Holmes is without a doubt the most enduring figure in the world of mystery and crime solving. The pipe-smoking detective and his trusty assistant Watson have etched themselves into the psyche of modern society through various mediums including spinoff books, films, TV shows and video games, and quite frankly, the public still can’t get enough of it.

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Players can now truly express their inner self Sherlock Holmes Fantasy to solve different cases using new technologies and game mechanics, either alone or with friends. From social deduction party games to evil mastermind gaming experiences, these games can truly immerse players in the thrill of the chase.

7 Tragedy Looper

Introduce Sherlock Holmes but set in Japan with time travel. Hailed as a scenario-based deduction board game for up to players, Tragedy Looper is a standard matter. The game places players in a scenario where one player becomes the evil mastermind while the others must work together to thwart the mastermind’s actions. The roles are kept secret and the game opens up to four location signs and several character cards.

The game can be viewed as a marriage of Sherlock Holmes with the Japanese light novel/anime Re: Zero. The Mastermind will trigger tragedies to unfold across maps, while the other players will be able to rewind in time to find out the culprit and the reason for the tragedy. Players who try to stop the Mastermind win if they can decrease and figure out the number of tragedies. Meanwhile, should the others encounter their tragedies or run out of loops, the mastermind will prevail.

6 Watson and Holmes

Set in the amazing world of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Watson and Holmes is a game for up to seven aspiring detectives who follow in the footsteps of Dr. Watson have to kick. Working with Holmes, players must use Watson’s journals to investigate the dots and attempt to connect the dots.

The game contains several cases set in the Victorian world. Players will visit in-game locations, unravel clues, and hopefully be the first to unravel the mystery. The game features players working together, but only one will emerge as Sherlock’s protégé.

5 Chronicles of Crime

Chronicles of Crime is a deduction game for up to four players and involves solving crimes with an app. Players choose a scenario and try to catch the killer in the shortest possible time. Using Scan&Play technology, each component has a unique QR code that triggers various clues and branching narratives.

The game can also be played in VR when activated through a player’s phone. Players need VR glasses to immerse themselves in a virtual world full of crime. The base game itself comes with a tutorial case and five scenarios, but more and more stories are being added, allowing players to play real role-playing games as modern-day detectives.

4 mystery

A party deduction game that can get pretty crazy mystery has turned players into psychics who must communicate with a spirit to deduce how it died. The game is a cooperative experience for up to seven players, with one player taking on the role of the deceased ghost. In each game, the ghost selects multiple suspects, murder weapons, and location cards and randomly assigns them to a player.

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Players will slowly narrow down the possible choices and work closer to discovering the real deal. The challenge is that the ghost player cannot say a single word and instead has to guide other players to choose the right combinations. surreal but intense, mystery offers crime thriller enthusiasts a different kind of crime thriller adventure.

3 Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

A social deduction party game for up to 12 players (14 with the expansion), Deception: Murder in Hong Kong will be familiar to players who have played other great social deduction games such as Werewolf, Mafia, and Between us. On the streets of the island metropolis, players slip into the roles of detectives tasked with solving a case. The twist is that one of them committed the act, but no one knows who did it. At the beginning of each game, players are dealt four random Murder Drug cards (blue) and four Key Evidence cards (red). The killer must choose a combination of his own assigned cards (a Killing Drug card and a Key Evidence card) at the beginning of the game.

It is then up to the other investigators to correctly deduce the correct combination. Players are assisted by a silent forensic scientist who must guide his fellow investigators with a series of clues pointing to the right combination. If the investigators guess the right combination within three rounds, they win. Deception features multiple roles like homicide accomplice, witness, and insider that spice up the gameplay.

2 Letters from Whitechapel

Letters from Whitechapel is a hidden movement game in which one player takes on the role of Jack the Ripper and up to four others must stop him. Set in the grimy streets of 19th-century London, players take part in a cat-and-mouse hunt for Jack the Ripper, while cops scramble to track down the killer.

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The game also features “the poorest of the poor” who represent Jack’s victims. If Jack successfully murders all five, Jack will emerge victorious. Though a departure from the crime genre, players attempting to thwart Jack’s schemes will feel like intimidated cops desperate to stop a madman.

1 Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: The Thames Murders & Other Cases

Originally released in 1982, Sherlock Holmes consulting detective is as Sherlock as you can get. Although classified as a board game, it isn’t as there are no dice or luck involved. Relying solely on the players and their deductive skills, the game presents multiple cases in which players must question suspects, sift through newspapers, and gather the facts.

The game truly is the most immersive and authentic Sherlock experience available as players will push their mental abilities to the limit. Players have been warned that this game is not for the faint of heart and is definitely a hardcore experience. The game also has standalone expansions themed around the Jack the Ripper murders, as well as a Lovecraftian take on the genre.

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