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If you like board games, you will absolutely love the Infinity Gaming Table. Exclusively available at GAME, the Infinity Gaming Table is the latest device to hit the market under the Arcade1Up umbrella. It includes over 40 popular board games that can be played on a slick 32-inch touchscreen. The ultimate accessory for board game enthusiasts, the only downside is the rather steep price.

If you are interested in board games without the missing pieces, this is the Infinity Gaming Table is currently priced at a whopping £899.

It includes built-in games like Game of Life, Monopoly, Scrabble, and Trivial Pursuit, as well as Guess Who, Battleship, Chess, and Operation.

“With so many classic family titles, you’ll be stretching your shelf space to the limit to have a near-complete collection, but Arcade1Up has a solution with the Infinity Gaming Table,” reads the official description. “An added bonus is that you don’t have to worry about missing parts.

“Arcade1Up’s Infinity gaming table features a 32-inch touchscreen with dynamic zoom views to help players customize their board game perspective.

Better still, the Infinity Gaming Table is said to be shock and water resistant, which means you can use it as a regular coffee table.

Other nice features include built-in WiFi, which means you can download additional games and play online. It also comes with detachable legs for extra portability.


Full Length Infinity Table Launch Games…

• Drafts

• The game of life

• Monopoly

• Super word search

• Create color

• Guess who?

• Puzzle game

• Set the table

• Connect 4

• Memory matching game

• Scrabble

• Points and boxes

• Mini fini football

• 4 pictures 1 word

• Battleship

• Slides and ladders

• Doodle Monster Mini Golf

• Backgammon

• Candy land

• A notice

• Chess

• Dizzying tanks

• Fling Hockey

• Chicken Wrangle

• Hungry Hungry Hippos

• Mahjong Deluxe

• Man Cala

• Men’s Morris

• Operation

• Othello

• Pirate Battle

• Raceway Grand Prix

• Solitaire

• We’re sorry

• Space Tennis

• Spider Solitaire

• Sudoku

• Hiss

• Halloween

• Tic Tac Toe

• Tripeaks Solitaire

• Trivial Pursuit

• Problem game

• Hit a mole

• What is the word

• Yahtzee

• Yokozuna All Star


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