Chess-playing robot breaks a 7-year-old’s finger


In a video posted on July 21, a seven-year-old boy had his finger broken by an automated chess robot during the Moscow Open. The original video, which was featured on the Baza channel on Telegram, has been shared across multiple social media platforms and has already amassed almost 600,000 views at the time of writing this article.

In the video, the robot plays on three chess boards at the same time. The boy moves as the robotic arm lowers onto his hand. Four men rush to help, the boy’s finger is freed and he is led away.

Sergey Lazarev, president of the Moscow Chess Federation, told the Russian news agency TASS: “The child made a move, and after that we have to give the robot time to answer, but the boy hurried, the robot grabbed him.” He adding: “We have nothing to do with the robot”, although he also said that measures are being taken “so that such a situation does not happen again”.

The robot has been used publicly by grandmasters for over a decade, and this is the first time such an accident has happened.

Sergey Smagin, the association’s vice-president, told RIA Novosti that they will consider adding more protection systems. The boy finished the tournament with cast.


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