Richard Garfield and Justin Gary announce SOLFORGE: FUSION


Legendary game designers Richard Garfield and Justin Gary have announced their next project – Sol Forge: Fusion. The two initially worked together to bring the original SolForge Game brought to life in partnership with Stone Blade Entertainment. It blends the traditional tabletop feel of decking building games with the hugely popular digital marketplace. It’s a hybrid game designed to make gameplay fluid whether you’re participating in person with friends or playing through remotely Tabletop simulator.

Gary, who is involved in other card games such as Ascension deck building gamedivided, “Sol Forge: Fusion represents the culmination of over a decade of Richard development [Garfield] and me to create a great game that is second to none. Players can customize truly unique decks to create a unique and immersive experience every time they play, whether in person or online.” The game allows players to create their own decks featuring different factions and compete in head-to-head play head battles or tournaments.

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If remote play is the only option for someone, they can take those cards and scan them into the game’s online database. Sol Forge: Fusion takes their gameplay to the next level by keeping the cards on the same level throughout the game. This means that players not only focus on building their deck at the beginning, but continue to build it throughout the game. Fans of deck building games can jump straight into the action with easy-to-understand rules but a complexity that results in immersive gameplay.

With Sol Forge: FusionRelease just around the corner, Stone Blade Entertainment is hosting in-person tutorials and tournaments during GenCon 2022. The Stone Blade knowledge team will explain the rules, how to get into the action, and more. A full list of events can be found here. If you can’t make it there, Gary and Garfield have a helpful video to introduce you to the promotion and get you started.

Sol Forge: Fusion will be available everywhere games are sold starting September 22, 2022. For more information, see official site and follow them on social media! Will you dive into this new game? Let us know in the comments below and on social media!

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