10 board games to play with a beer


Board games are often played as a relaxing activity on a lazy afternoon or evening, and if the occasion calls for it, a nice beer or other adult drink can enhance the experience. Some games are designed for drinking and others just go well with a crisp cold game from the cooler.

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games like The Red Dragon Inn are set in a tavern, so the atmosphere is already set up for players to have a drink in hand. Other games, like Cards against humanity, are awesome on their own, but when combined with the effects of a few drinks, they get even louder and more outrageous. Some board games go well with the drink in hand and even encourage those drinks to accompany a dice roll, card draw, or piece movement.

10 The Red Dragon Inn board game is a game between life and drink

The Red Dragon Inn is all about partying after a great session in dungeons, killing monsters and collecting rewards. Players take turns handing out drinks to other players, drawing task and skill cards, and wagering their gold coins through drinking bets.

The player who lasts the longest without getting drunk or losing all their gold wins. While the fictional characters are taking the shots, it’s quite fun to match them shot by shot in real life, which can definitely lead to some extra betting and more fun.

9 Cards Against Humanity gets wilder with every drink

While Cards against humanity can be counted as a card game rather than a board game card against humanity without a drink in hand is almost a sin. The game relies on jettisoning political correctness, inhibitions and self-confidence.

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in the Cards against humanity, players must match word cards from their hand with another player’s suggestion card. This player then chooses the best words to form the most outrageous sentence. The more drinks downed, the wilder the results tend to be.

8th The Dragon And Flagon is all about the bar brawl

The Dragon and the Pitcher is a game set in a fantasy universe, but instead of fighting monsters, adventurers fight each other. After a hard day clearing dungeons, adventurers need to celebrate with a drink, and sometimes those drinks lead to some scrappy scuffles.

in the The Dragon and the Pitcher, players battle each other by casting spells, throwing mugs, throwing chairs, and swinging from chandeliers to build their reputation and win the night. The board has 3D pieces, so players should pay attention to real flying objects.

7 Step straight into the role in Dungeons & Dragons

With the right dungeon master to build a proper story, and players more than willing to play their role as accurately as possible, Dungeons and Dragons can be a tense, exciting and fun experience. This works very well, especially when some of these characters like to have an alcoholic drink every now and then.

A beer can accompany a casual one D&D Session just to take the sting out of a bad role, or be the focus of a hardcore session as characters tavern-hop on their quest to defeat the evil set up by the Dungeon Master. Players should be careful not to spill their drinks all over the tabletop, or even a perfect roll of the dice won’t save the clumsy adventurer.

6 Adapt Jenga into a real drinking game

jenga is in itself rather difficult. Players have to remove blocks from the tower and place them on top. The loser is whoever tears down the tower. Concentration and focus are key, and both of these traits are pretty much compromised when alcohol comes into play.

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For an extra level of creativity and fun, players can rotate the standard jenga in “Drunk jenga” by writing instructions on each block. When a player removes a block, they must complete the task. These can be as simple as having a drink, or as outrageous and outlandish as players want. The trick is to no blocks to open glasses.

5 Drink-A-Palooza is a combination of mini-games

Drink-A-Palooza is definitely a game that requires multiple drinks. It combines multiple drinking games like Beer Pong, Flip Cup, King’s Cup and many more into one ultimate competition. Players travel around the game board and land on squares where they compete against the other players in a drinking game.

winner of Drink-A-Palooza receive a bottle, and the player who fills their six-pack with bottles first wins the game. The competition really spins when the drinks are flowing, so players should make sure the fridge is stocked.

4 Truth or Drink is a grown up spin on an old game

truth or drink gives the classic game “Truth or Dare” an alcoholic note. The players distribute cards and provide drinks. Each player takes turns playing a card and asking the question about it. Players must then answer them truthfully or have a drink instead.

The questions get pretty personal, but for some extra good time, players can add their own question cards into the mix. As the drinks flow, the truth emerges. Featuring over 410 questions at four different levels of intimacy, the game is a great way for new or old friends to really get to know each other.

3 Telestrations is having a very good time

telestrations combined pictorial with “broken phone.” Each player has a sketch pad and begins by writing a word on the first page. They then pass their book to the person on their right. That person needs to see the word and then draw a picture of that word.

The book is then passed again, but this time the player can only look at the previous image and guess what it represents. telestrations continue by passing the book in alternation between drawing and guessing until the book reaches its starting person. With drinks, the ideas can get bolder and the images can degrade, making for a really fun game.

2 The settlers of Catan can be modified for some drinks

The settlers of Catan is a fantastic board game for a group of players to be enjoyed over a relaxing drink. Players slowly place their roads and buildings on the board, trying to build up their resources and points to win the game. For those who want to add something fresh katanthey can add some drinking rules or consequences to certain in-game events.

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Some of these rules might include grabbing a drink if the robber steals from you, when a certain number is rolled on the dice, or, for a really quick kick, every time a player places a road or building. Whether it’s a casual game with a drink in hand or a gung ho drinking game itself, katan offers the players a lot of fun.

1 Drinking Quest: Liquor Before Honor has real implications for death

Drinking Quest: Alcohol before honor Plays similar to other tabletop dungeon crawling games. Players choose their characters and venture out to battle monsters and find treasure. Every monster fight is a fight of life and death.

Should a player die in battle, they can return to the game – but only if they’ve drunk their entire drink in real life. Players should pour extra strong drinks to make any monster fight a stressful and tense one. While the game has limits on drinking per quest, if players are feeling thirsty and risky, they can forget those rules and go on a real drinking quest.

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