The Wizards of Komodo 3 – Larry Kaufman and Mark Lefler


with Larry Kaufman and Mark Lefler

The creators of the fabulous engine Komodo 3 continue the interview they conducted on the ChessBase live stream in May 2022.

Here is the interview excerpt from the mentioned ChessBase Livestream event.

Below is the riddle I talked about on the live stream.

Feel free to download the .pgn file and test the position on your motors. Please note that the solution result depends on several factors, such as the age of your computer.

My colleague Fabian Brinkmann found this riddle, who found it himself here.

Each engine usually recognizes the only correct movement 1.Bd2+but the interesting part is the score – Black is better or even clearly wins!

When I started the live stream in May, with this position I quickly tested the brand new Komodo 3 engine for fun that I wanted to show Lawrence Trent.

Funnily enough, Komodo 3 recognized the result correctly in a flash: “White clearly wins‘, but far more remarkable was the fact that no other engine tested could do it!

I spoke to Larry and Mark about this position after the interview and they said of course the outcome depends on a lot of different things but they were happy. Nonetheless, I asked five of my colleagues to do the same tests with their installed engines and all the results were similar.

Komodo 3 has received a free update!

A few days ago Komodo 3 won the World Chess Software Championship 2022!

And if you own Komodo 3, you have already received the free update to version 10 or higher.

Komodo dragon 3

The new Komodo Dragon 3 engine has gained 100 Elo points in playing strength compared to its predecessor when using a processor core in the Blitz. This is a huge improvement for a program that has already reached an Elo level of over 3500!



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