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MADISON – Chess players can now register for the first tournament of the school year, the Summer Knights Scholastic Chess Tournament 2022.

“Summer Knights is a great first tournament because there is no coverage of the US Chess Tournament. So no pressure, but plenty of awards for judging and unjudging sections,” said Ranae Bartlett. Bartlett is Executive Director of the Madison City Chess League or MCCL.

“Summer Knights is also a great educational tournament for unrated players who have never played in a chess tournament before,” Bartlett said.

CB&S Bank is the sponsor of this tournament.

Summer Knights takes place on August 27th at Rainbow Elementary School at 50 Nance Road. The day begins at 9 a.m. with an obligatory player briefing.

“This tournament is an opportunity for everyone to relax, not worry about ratings, but play their first chess tournament early in the school year,” Bartlett said.

Lap times (approximately) are 9:15am, 10:30am, 12:30pm, 1:45pm and 3:00pm (Non-scored sections are likely to start earlier after the first lap).

Rainbow Elementary Chess Team, the tournament hosts, are offering discounts and pizza for lunch. “Plan to stay all day and bring beach chairs for your comfort. Leave the cafeteria tables where players and families hang out between rounds so the kids and their coaches can review the games,” Bartlett said.

“Although approximate lap times are published, non-rated games usually end quicker. The next round begins once the previous round has been completed and scored,” said Bartlett.

A player should register for the section that corresponds to the experience. “If your child has a US chess rating (usually a preliminary rating is made after five games), they should enter the rated section based on the rating range (under 500, under 1,000, or open – over 1,000),” Bartlett said .

If the child has never competed in a rated tournament, register for the non-rated segment by grade level (K-3, K-6, or K-12). Most players choose the youngest grade level within their eligibility, but some choose to play higher.

Playing time for rated sections is G/30/d5. Unrated sections use G/20 with 5SS coupling.

Rated sections use this configuration: K-12 (open); K-12 under 1,000; and K-12 Under 500. 1st through 6th place players will receive trophies. Places seven to ten and the top women receive medals. Graded sections require USCF membership.

Unrated sections use this configuration: K-12; K-6; and K-3. The first place winner receives a trophy. Medals are awarded based on enrollment and for the best woman.

To register, visit and click on the Events dropdown menu. Click on UPCOMING EVENTS. Next, click on the 2022 Summer Knights K-12 Tournament – ​​8/27 link. After reading the policy, click Details at the bottom of the window and pay the fee. (You can also register directly:

If you register by August 24th, the registration fee is $20 for MCCL members or $25 for non-MCCL members.

Joining the MCCL or renewing MCCL membership for 2022 requires a separate order first. Then sign up for Summer Knights in a separate order.

Registration closes on August 24th. Visit for more information.


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