Callisto Protocol’s new gameplay shows just how bloody Dead Space’s sequel is


Fresh gameplay for upcoming sci-fi survival horror game The Callisto Protocol has been released.

Revealed during Gamescom 2022, the new clip gives us another look at The Callisto Protocol’s gory third-person shooting, as well as our first look at a new enemy type. Introduced by director and Dead Space alumnus Glen Schofield, the gameplay features a tentacled monster that transforms into a more deadly version of itself if you don’t shoot its tendrils fast enough.

The gameplay segment shows the beast in action. The game’s protagonist wanders through an abandoned prison full of aliens before encountering the mutating monster. Luckily, they have a grip – a wearable accessory that can be used to pick up and throw enemies and objects, a bit like Half-Life 2’s gravity cannon.

In the gameplay demo, the player uses the grab to pick up multiple objects from afar and fling enemies into deadly environmental traps and obstacles. Check it out below:

The second half of the gameplay reveal features a set piece where the protagonist slides down what looks like a sewer pipe, dodging obstacles and spiky bald heads. Much like the first Callisto Protocol gameplay reveal, it ends quite gruesomely, with the characters trapped in a turbine that rips it in two.

It certainly looks like developer Striking Distance Studios is cranking up the gore factor.


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