Carlsen claims #1 for blitz on


As of Monday, GM Magnus Carlsen is the new number one blitz player on The World Champion played a 57(!) match with GM Vladimir Fedoseev, stopping at a rating of 3204, four points higher than GM Hikaru Nakamura currently has.

Following the announcement that has offered to buy the Play Magnus group of companies, many are hoping Carlsen will compete more on That was already the case on Monday evening.

The 31-year-old Carlsen played no fewer than 57 games, incidentally against just one player, 27-year-old Russian Fedoseev. By the end of the session, Carlsen had won 37 games, drawn seven and lost 13, averaging 40.5/57 or 71%. More importantly, he gained 37 rating points, jumping from 3167 to 3204. It was obvious that the goal was to surpass Nakamura and take first place.

Carlsen is the new number one on in blitz.

The following was a pretty nice game:

In fact, Carlsen and Fedoseev have fought before to try to get Carlsen to top’s Elo lists. Back then, Carlsen got pretty close to the top on a pseudo-anonymous account, but Fedoseev in particular fought back and prevented Carlsen from reaching the top. One of the most memorable moments occurred in this clip when Carlsen was about to win, but Fedoseev pulled a hilarious hoax that even made Carlsen laugh.

Carlsen’s jump in the blitz ratings on soon got an appropriate response from Nakamura himself, albeit in over-the-board chess. The American grandmaster scored a fabulous 7.5/9 on the first of two days of blitz in St. Louis, earning nearly 40 rating points on the FIDE blitz rating list. It was another top GM who took note on Twitter.

With Carlsen and Nakamura in “Blitz Beast mode,” the start of a new rivalry here on between the two legends of the game is a tantalizing thought.


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