Ubisoft wants to make more focused games rather than “let one game do everything”.


Ubisoft has said that its current approach to game development is to approach projects with “focus” to ensure each game is tailored to its target audience, rather than trying to target a very broad, unspecific audience.

At a recent Ubisoft press briefing, Editorial Vice President Fawzi Mesmar gave a presentation on how focus, not broad ideas, is an important part of the editorial team’s current development process. In a subsequent interview with IGN, he expanded on this idea, saying that the company “don’t want one game to do everything”.

“We want to agree to make a decision around the one game and say, ‘We’re going to go for that, and we’re going to commit, and we’re going to be fine [that it] can make such people happy, but maybe not everyone.’ And that’s okay,” he said. “We believe that a more focused game is better for the people who like it [that] some kind of game.”

When asked if the stealth-focused Assassin’s Creed Mirage was an example, Mesmar confirmed that the series is part of that strategy and that the franchise as a whole is a good example of that approach.

“There are many different types of players that could enjoy Assassin’s Creed, and we’re focusing on all of them rather than making a game that’s right for every potential Assassin’s Creed fan,” he said. “So for the people who want to go back [the] Roots, we’re making a game for them [with Mirage]and hopefully for others who didn’t get to enjoy this classic when it came out. [We’re also making] a multiplayer experience, a mobile experience, a big RPG experience. There are so many different types of items that we cater for. And that also clarifies the editorial vision that we have set out, in which we don’t make the one game for everyone, we make a game for you and it’s focused and we’re committed to the choices that we make.”

This desire for focus connects to another Ubisoft goal: to make every hour played count. “We’re not aiming for that much breadth, but rather the depth of the experience to ensure that every hour counts for our players and they feel like that time is well spent,” explained Mesmar.

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Mesmar continued that continued innovation will help reinforce the sense of time well spent. “[We have] Innovation as an important pillar for all our future games, [which] could be anything from a quirky new art style, to a relatively new take on a genre, to new game mechanics,” he said. “So any Ubisoft project will address those aspects and seek to differentiate, provide depth and higher standards of quality, and offer new ways for players to connect, interact and express themselves.”

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Matt Purslow is UK News and Features Editor for IGN.


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