Make up for lost time. The Boom Again game brings boomers back together


In recent years, most people have realized how important friends and family are. From pandemic Zoom meetings and Facetimes of birthdays and anniversaries to canceled events, parties and vacations, the replacement just isn’t as good as the coming together. Some memories should be forgotten, others should live on. Enter Boom Again, the only game that brings it baby boomers together back to relive the glory days of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

Boom Again breaks away from traditional trivia games and focuses on relevant pop culture and events from the decades of the Boom era. Players make out on a nostalgic road trip down memory lane with Trivia American Bandstand to soul train; The twist to disco; Doris Day to Janis Joplin; Poodle skirts to mini skirts and many more experiences from youth to adulthood. With over 2200 questions Set in six categories, including slogans and jingles, politics, social movements, entertainment, music and school days, Boom Again can be played by two players or two teams of any size. Teamplay minimizes the pressure of feeling like you need to know every answer.

The only game specifically designed for Baby Boomers and older, Boom Again Game is the brainchild of Brian Hersch, an icon of social game invention, creator of Taboo, Outburst, Super Scattergories and dozens of the most popular party games of the last 35 years. Hersch says, “Basically, a great board game has to be fun. Most traditional trivia games feed the egos of the players who want to show off, eh? how smart they are, and that intimidates others. Where’s the fun in that?” Rather than being a standard quiz of arcane facts, Boom Again is all about players’ connection to their past and the things that entertained and influenced them. Hersch believes group play is really “lubrication for rusty social skills.” “As baby boomers stay home during the pandemic, they’re ready for fun and games, and Boom Again promises big laughs and conversations that other games just don’t deliver.”

Boom Again is a playable and viewable game. Just like the keepsake boxes Boomers kept their prized possessions in for added authenticity, Boom Again houses unique tokens, including an actual metal skate key, a Students for Kennedy action button, and a Vietnam-era dog tag, to name but a few to name a few. The game even includes a Boomer’s Little Helper magician in case players forget their readers. The package is a display case decorated with memorable celebrities and features a wood grain and dovetail design look perfect for coffee tables. It has a magnetic closure for easy opening and storage of the game board, cards and tokens.

Ready for socializing, parties and co gift seasonBoom Again is available now on and Amazon and is priced at $49.95 in the continental United States, including shipping and handling.

About Brian Hersch:

Brian Hersch was a successful real estate developer in Los Angeles when the Trivial Pursuit Phenomenon redirected his career. His business analysis of his success unearthed insights that led him to a different theory about “parlor games.”

What followed was a parade of successful social interaction board games, including taboo, outbreak, Super scatter gories, Out of context, test eyes, Malarkey, tons, song burst, and finally Boom Again. With global deals including Milton Bradley, Parker Brothers, Mattel, Hasbro and Western Publishing among others, Hersch has published over 40 games that have sold over 50 million copies.

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