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A new version of Unexpected Games has finally announced it. The new game 3000 Scoundrels is hitting stores and tablets, and fans are getting their hands on the new manual engineering game on October 7th. 3000 villains allows players to customize their experience with over 3000 combinations of villains to hire as rewards for achieving the dream of winning. To be successful, but in the midst of your quest, you should bluff your opponents and use your crew’s special abilities to be able to walk away victorious. 3000 Scoundrels will retail for $99.95 and are available to pre-order on the Asmodee online store here. Here is a full description.

“In 3000 Scoundrels, 2-4 players enter an alternate history of the Wild West and take on the roles of team leaders trying to steal futuristic technology aided by a mysterious persona named Traveler. As a result, players build their villain team by overlaying “job cards” with “trait cards,” creating a team that’s right for their strategy. Each round they play a face down poker card and then bet all players who match that card, but they don’t have to tell the truth… and savvy players will understand the power of bluffing your way to the top. After a battle, a competitor with the highest technological capabilities will win and determine the fate of the American frontier.

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3000 villains.

Mix-and-Match Potential: 3000 Villains includes 60 clear job cards, 50 trait cards, 4 leader sheets, 28 poker cards, 8 strategy cards, 1 game board, and more. The difference between professional and business cards is the multiplication and the combination of skills and technique, but they will fetch millions of pounds and thousands of rogues. The two games will never be the same either.

Unique Characters: Players create wacky villains, each with a unique name and abilities such as winning money or hijacking technology. Their engines are built by drawing the cards to form the ultimate heist crew.

BEAUTIFUL ARTWORK: 3000 Scoundrels features a stunning piece of Wild West and sci-fi inspired painting painted with all the characters on each map. Each player has a leader sheet with a unique comic depicting their side of the conflict. Each player gives a great deal of lore and backstory in the whimsical style of the game.

I think all players can play cards for any strategy. With thousands of combinations, anyone can create a team of villains that work in harmony with their strategy, helping inform what cards they will play and what bluffs they will use.

Don’t go for the profit success. Players must make money out of their opponents by carefully addressing their weaknesses and believing they can succeed. The winner is the one who collects the most technology from competing leaders by defeating rivals by not only bluffing his opponents but also misleading them. Dispose of your enemies to steal the weak technologies or take a chance to steal a powerful tool from their nose. If you win, you should feel like a criminal mastermind.

3000 villains will go to the store on October 7th. Check out our full review for 3000 Scoundrels on ComicBook.com soon.

Are there 3000 villains?


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