Who is Steeve Ho You Fat? The French pro player goes viral in the game Victor Wembanyama vs. Scoot Henderson


If you tune in to French professional basketball club Metropolitans 92, you’ll be impressed by Victor Wembanyama’s game as well as the name of one of his teammates.

Actually the whole name.

Joining the bench for Metropolitans 92 is veteran forward Steeve Ho You Fat, entering his second season with the club and his 14th season in pro basketball.

As you might expect, the Ho You Fat surname has made headlines since Metropolitans 92 took center stage as part of an exhibition with G League Ignite on ESPN2. It even led to a viral moment on the show.

Who is Steeve Ho You Fat? Find out more about the French pro who went viral because of his name.

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Who is Steeve Ho You Fat?

Steeve Ho You Fat is a French professional basketball player who was born in French Guiana. During his professional career, Ho You Fat has played for a number of French clubs and started his career at Cholet Basket in 2008.

After playing for Chorale Roanne Basket from 2019-2021, Ho You Fat joined Metropolitans 92 ahead of the 2021-22 season. Via eurobasket.com, Ho You Fat stands at 6-foot-8 and weighs a shade under 200 pounds. He is listed as a power forward.

social media

While Ho You Fat’s Instagram name is @ho.you.fat, his full last name is listed as “Hoyoufat” in his bio.

Among his six posts is a picture of him taking on longtime NBA veteran and compatriot Boris Diaw.

While it’s written as one word on his Instagram profile, Ho You Fat’s last name is always listed as three names on his jerseys and in media materials, drawing the attention of anyone who might notice.

Knicks guard Evan Fournier, another fellow Frenchman, was very amused by the worldwide discovery of Ho You Fat.

The attention doesn’t seem to have daunted Ho You Fat, who took to Instagram and had fun with those who took notice. After the first show against the Ignite, he re-shared content with his story and added an original story post that read, “Looks like they really want that jersey #hoyoufat.”

You can catch Ho You Fat in action again when he, Wembanyama and Metropolitans 92 take on the G League Ignite on Thursday, October 6 at 3:00pm ET.


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