David Lemanowicz Was A Professional Ice Hockey Player Before Joining The US Army – Who Is Jill Wagner’s Husband?


David Lemanowicz David Lemanowicz poses for a photo with his family | Source: Getty Images | Instagram/jillwagner

David Lemanowicz may be best known as the husband of Jill Wagner, but the father of three has had an impressive career. Lemanowicz holds degrees from various institutions, is a former professional ice hockey player and is now serving in the US Army.

Last August, David Lemanowicz and his actress wife, Jill Wagner, added a bundle of joy to their family, Daisy Roberta Lemanowicz. When announcing the pregnancy in April 2021, the couple revealed that they had no plans for another baby, but the news was nonetheless well received.

Wagner wrote a love letter for her husband after their “scary” situation during her labor. The actress reflected on how secure her husband made her feel. She praised how well Lemanowicz dealt with the anxiety that came with the complications of her daughter’s birth.

Wagner shared how her gratitude for life and her connection to her husband deepened. Before Daisy Roberta joined the family, the couple welcomed Army Gray in April 2020. However, Lemanowicz was already father to Lija before he married Wagner.

In her love letter, Wagner thanked Lemanowicz for giving her and her children the strength to assert themselves and called him “a strong, devoted partner”. Lemanowicz has demonstrated these qualities with the awards he continues to collect throughout his career as he also leads a fulfilling family life.

David Lemanowicz was a professional ice hockey player

David Lemanowicz breathed for the first time on March 8, 1976 in Edmonton, Canada National Hockey League Page Lemanowicz began his hockey career in 1991 with the Kelowna Spartans. His final season was between 2007 and 2008 when he played for the Rio Grande Valley Bees.

2009 was the 49-year-old reflected about his career as he recently retired. Lemanowicz announced that his best experience as a hockey player was his senior year with Spokane. He joined the team in 1992 and his senior year was in 1996.

From there he played for a few more teams before enrolling at the University of Toronto in 2001 to pursue a degree in International Relations. He played for the University of Toronto for the first two years of that career.

Lemanowicz coached two others before playing for the Mississippi Riverkings in Memphis in 2004–05. In 2009 he completed his Masters in Global Security Studies at the University of Texas-Pan American as part of the ROTC program.

Although a native Canadian, Lemanowicz joined the US Army Reserve. In 2010 he was promoted to lieutenant. However, he told The Spokesman-Review that he still hopes to get a day job at a federal agency like the FBI or DEA.

Lemanowicz’s parents are immigrants who settled in Vancouver, British Columbia. Speaking about why he joined the army, Lemanowicz explained that the reason was the oppressive nature of his parents’ birthplace. According to The Spokesman review, he said:

“You grew up in such an oppressive society that I thought about how lucky we are in first world countries. […] I never really thought about it, ‘Oh, I want to make a lot of money.’ That’s how I was wired and socialized as a boy.”

Lemanowicz also expressed how fortunate he was to be a part of, have access to, and serve in America’s politics and institutions. At that time he was also married to a woman named Gina. The couple met when Lemanowicz was a student in Toronto. They married in 2005, but it is not known when they split.

Lemanowicz was promoted from captain to major during a ceremony on October 22, 2020. It took place on the roof of the US Consulate in Canada, as the Major had requested since he and his family were in the country.

His wife, Jill Wagner, and their daughter, Army Gray, were present. Wagner held a Facebook Live just before the ceremony began. She explained that she would be the one to help Lemanowicz don his new lapel pin, symbolizing his new rank in the Army.

David Lemanowicz and Jill Wagner’s relationship has been full of unexpected turns

David Lemanowicz and Jill Wagner met when the actress was 17 years old. The then 20-year-old former professional athlete was traveling through North Carolina on business. Wagner recalled that she snuck out of her house to meet him. According to Heavy, she told:

“I would sneak out my dad’s window at home and go out at night, which I shouldn’t do… I would sneak out and meet him.

The young lovebirds went on three dates before Lemanowicz disappeared. Discussing why he was “missing from action,” the US Army major joked explained:

“20-year-old athlete, 20-year-old hockey player…I’m just saying. Boys did worse than 20-year-old boys.”

The lovebirds would fatefully reunite 17 years later at a dinner in Afghanistan. Wagner was in the country for the USO tour while the Luftwaffe had deployed Lemanowicz. The US Major spotted the actress signing autographs.

He wasn’t sure if it was her since the USO picture didn’t look like her, so he looked for her online. When he had the confidence to approach her, the actress confirmed that she was indeed the young lady he left all those years ago. However, both at that time met with other people.

They got back together in 2016, just as Lemanowicz was walking into the restaurant where Wagner was with her friends. The actress had just broken up with her lover, and Lemanowicz was visiting his daughter in Los Angeles.

They fell in love again that year and got engaged in July. They married in 2017 and currently live on a farm in Tennessee. Since their love story resembled the plot of a romance film, Wagner revealed that Hallmark made a film out of it. Back then it was still a story in development.

David Lemanowicz and Jill Wagner’s daughters

Before David Lemanowicz and his wife Jill Wagner welcomed their first daughter, they had been trying for a while to no avail. However, when they made an appointment to see a fertility doctor, they discovered that Wagner was already pregnant.

The couple was surprised by the news as Wagner did not have typical pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness. They announced the news in November 2019 and greeted Army Gray on 04/17/2020.

The Army Gray name had unique origins. Wagner revealed she had it another name in the back of her mind and changed it when she found out her first daughter was conceived on a patriotic holiday on July 4th (Independence Day). So she thought it would be fitting for her daughter to have a patriotic name.

Also, Army Gray’s father was in the Army, so she wanted to honor both aspects of her existence. Army Gray’s middle name comes from her mother, who loved him because she thought he was “strong, intelligent, soft, and feminine.” A little over a year later, they greeted Daisy Roberta on August 19, 2021.

Army Gray and Daisy Roberta have an older sister named Lija from Lemanowicz’s previous relationship. As of this year, Lija is 12 years old and enjoys being a big sister to her siblings. Wagner spoke of how seriously she takes her older sisterly duties.

Lija was already changing diapers, giving out bottles and singing Army Gray before Daisy Roberta arrived. Lija was also looking forward to her arrival. Wagner described her as “the best big sister”.

Jill Wagner is a trademark star

Jill Susanne Wagner She took her first breath on January 13, 1979 in Winston-Salem, California. The actress was raised by her father, David Wagner, and her grandmother, as her mother died after she was born. She also has an older brother, Brandon, and their father is a Marine.

She has acted in several films such as Autumn Dreams and Hearts of Winter. Jill has also appeared in television shows such as Teen Wolf and Handcrafted America, and in Punk’d opposite Ashton Kutcher. A graduate of North Carolina State University with a degree in business administration, Jill still had artistic inclinations.

As a child, she enjoyed ballet and dancing, and she has affectionately spoken her family, who gave her an eventful childhood and “strong roots”. They also helped her believe in herself when she decided to enter the entertainment industry.

Before Jill got acting opportunities from Hallmark, she had already made a name for herself. Her grandmother loved Hallmark films, so the two agreed to decide together which projects were best and most suitable for Jill. From then on it became a Hallmark house name.


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