Union Impact Award Nominee: Israel (IFPO)

  • The first Union Impact Award will be presented at the FIFPRO General Assembly
  • A winner was chosen from four finalists who achieved extraordinary things
  • Vered Plitman explains how the Israel Players‘ Union IFPO successfully secured a new contract for the women’s national team

Next week, the inaugural Union Impact Award will be presented at FIFPRO’s General Assembly, in recognition of the exceptional initiatives unions are taking on the ground to support players worldwide.

The four finalists – IFPO (Israel), MUFP (Uruguay), SIFUP (Chile) and SJFP (Portugal) – will be put to a vote at the General Assembly to determine the winner.

FIFPRO spoke to IFPO Vice-President Vered Plitman to learn more about the union’s campaign that resulted in a new deal for the women’s national team.


“Although women footballers were recognized as professional athletes two years ago, the Israel Football Association (IFA) did not treat the women’s national team equally to the men’s national team. For example, while the men enjoyed a daily allowance of 500 euros and traveled in business class, the women only had 15 euros and traveled as cheaply as possible.

“Our union, along with the women’s team, have had many discussions with the IFA, but unfortunately the IFA has not lived up to its many promises. Therefore, the IFPO and the women’s national team decided to announce industrial action and a strike. Because we wanted to put a lot of pressure on the IFA, we announced that just two weeks before an international match against Bulgaria.

“In order for the strike to be successful we had to organize and train all the players to prevent the IFA from breaking the strike by calling up other players as they had done in a previous attempt. We made sure every player was connected and felt part of this fight.

“Karin Sendel, the national team captain and leader of our union, and some other influential players have taken the lead, organizing the players, negotiating with the FA and running a communications campaign. We have engaged leading athletes, women’s organizations, sports NGOs and reached out to the Minister of Sport and other government officials.

“One of the activities was to ask players and other stakeholders to take a picture of a shirt and pair of shoes being thrown onto the lawn and add the hashtag #NotPlayingGames.”


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