Elon Musk to Analysts: Don’t doubt me


Tesla is ramping up production of 4680 cells now, but there are engineering challenges, Musk said. The company is developing new battery manufacturing technologies for the 4680 to significantly reduce manufacturing costs.

“It’s a tough problem we’re solving and I think we’re still confident that the 4680 will be the most competitive battery cell in the world,” Musk said. Tesla now makes some of its Model Y crossovers in Texas using the new cell format, he added.

Another key product that Musk has touted as a game changer for the company is its Full Self-Driving software, now in beta form, which cannot drive without human supervision.

Tesla sells the software to its customers for $15,000 as an advanced driver assistance feature. This is generally considered a level 2 system, not level 4 or level 5 autonomy.

In response to an analyst’s question, Musk said the software won’t be fully autonomous this year. It will still require driver fixes.

Wells Fargo analyst Collin Langen later told Yahoo Finance that Musk’s definition of “fully self-driving” appears to differ from the industry at large. Langen noted that he was driving in a vehicle with the autonomous operator cruise without a human driver.

“What [Musk] What’s being described in the conference call really isn’t what most experts would call Level 4, Level 5 full self-driving,” Langen told Yahoo. “Someone still has to monitor the vehicle. That would be an advanced Level 2 Plus system.”


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