Uzbekistan hosts Pool B of the Women’s Candidates Tournament


In this bracket, the runner-up of 2020 will meet Aleksandra Goryachkina, Alexandra Kosteniuk and Tan Zhongyi as top finisher at the FIDE World Cup 2021 and Katerina Lagno as one of the top three finishers at the 2019-2021 FIDE Women’s Grand Prix.

Under the new knock-out format, players will play a four-game match (plus tiebreaks, if required) in each of the two brackets or “pools” to advance to the next stage, with the final match being played over the distance of six games. The prize fund for this pool is €70,000, while a further €110,000 is at stake in the Women’s Candidates Finals, bringing the total to a record-breaking €250,000.

With a current population of around 90,000, Khiva was founded around 2,500 years ago and was once one of the most important cities on the Silk Road. In modern times it has been overshadowed as a tourist attraction by its neighboring cities of Tashkent and Samarkand, but recently its preserved architecture has given it the attention it deserves. It is considered the capital of the Turkish world and offers visitors a variety of mosques, madrasahs and tiled minarets. Khiva is now receiving worldwide attention as a tourist destination and was declared the tourist capital of the Islamic world in 2024.



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