What Kind of Slots Can You Play at Canadian Casinos?


You may be thinking about playing online slots for the first time after learning how easy they are to play, how big their jackpots are, or how great their bonuses are. Or maybe you’re interested in exploring your options after trying a particular style of online slot play – play centurion.

However, before you play at any Canadian online casino, you should familiarize yourself with the many slot machine variants available. Find the best solution for your budget, needs and personal taste.

Classic slot machines

At traditional online slots you will only find single slot games. The one-armed bandit is the simplest type of online slot.

When it comes to casinos, nothing beats classic slot machines. The speed, simplicity and ease with which these games can be learned and played make them perfect for anyone looking to try slots for the first time. Players win the jackpot when they get three matching symbols.

The limited number of reels is a major disadvantage of classic slots as it limits the number of winning combinations. A traditional online slot also has a high variance, making it easy to either win big or lose it all quickly. Online versions of classic slots still offer better rewards than their mechanical predecessors due to the use of Random Number Generator (RNG) algorithms.

video slots

There is a good chance that the five-reel slot will be the first type of slots you will come across in a casino, be it online or in a physical establishment. Currently they have the greatest popularity. They aim to lure gamers with flashy graphics, video, and audio. Unlike mechanical one-reel slots, five-reel slots are fully computerized and work without physical buttons or levers. A simple button press is all that is required from the player.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

All bets placed on progressive slots go towards the progressive jackpot. This means the pot is made up of money wagered by people who are now playing the game. The total progressive jackpot amount won from progressive slot machines is usually displayed by the operators on most websites. The term “accumulating jackpot” can be used interchangeably with “progressive jackpot”.

In order to build up a larger progressive jackpot, online casinos often combine their slots or let players deposit from multiple casinos. The size of a jackpot can reach millions of dollars, but the likelihood of actually winning it decreases dramatically as the jackpot grows. It is the social equivalent of a lottery in which tens, tens of thousands or even millions of people participate.

The main disadvantage of progressive slots is that players have to use the maximum amount in order to qualify for the jackpot. This means that you have to bet more than you would on a normal online slot machine.

Interactive slot machines

Interactive slot machines, also known as “i-Slots”, are proving to be a major advance in slot machine technology. Video slots with multiple paylines and reels look different than most on the internet. They use the capabilities of modern computing devices to allow players to create their evolving narratives.

I-Slots achieve this by allowing players to spin multiple reel combinations or take part in an adventure that advances the game. In that respect, it resembles a fun video game. If you’re used to playing video games online, you shouldn’t have any trouble learning the basics of i-Slots.

Compared to classic slots, i-Slots have a lot less to do with luck. Instead, your competency increases your profit potential.

VR slots

It was inevitable that VR would impact the future of online gambling. Virtual reality (VR) technology from companies like Oculus, Samsung Gear VR, Sony PlayStation VR and others is powering many online betting experiences today.

Virtual reality (VR) technology allows for a more immersive experience than a traditional screen. Virtual Reality (VR) online slots offer an experience that is practically identical to playing in a real casino, right down to the sounds, sights and sensations. A variety of slot machines could be placed in the gambling house.


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