Quotes after the game in the citadel


Junior running back Ailym Ford.

Chattanooga Football Postgame Quotes
No. 11 Chattanooga in the Citadel
Johnson Hagood Stadium – Charleston, SC
Saturday – November 5, 2022

Head Coach Rusty Wright

Overall consideration for victory:
“I’m just very proud that these players and coaches have recovered from last week and given themselves the opportunity to come down here and win. We had a lot of adversity from Friday morning until we arrived and I thought everyone dealt with it great. Everyone pitched in and we achieved a good team win.”

On the game of offense in the game:
“You just kept fighting. You just kept fighting. It’s hard. It doesn’t matter what you do offensively – run the ball, throw the ball – people have time to prepare for you and they make one good job. It’s hard and then it’s a chess game. You have to figure out what they’re doing to you and I thought our coaches didn’t give up on what we were trying to do. We just figured out how to do it a little bit better I know we need to play a little bit better sometimes. We gave away too many things but I thought they did a good job of just keeping playing.”

About the defense game:
“Any time you just give up 188 rushing yards and play against a triple option team, I’ll take it every time. I thought we had a great week of training. I thought Devonnsha Maxwell and Marlon Taylor played phenomenally. I’m not sure I was involved in a game where two centre-backs played the option the way they did today. It made it terribly difficult for them, because that’s where it starts. I’m just proud of the effort and determination. We got skinny again very quickly in secondary school. These guys just kept fighting. They played their tails.”

On catching Ailym Ford to keep alive a second half drive:
“What a great call. He got hung up right at the start coming out of the backfield. It was a good throw, a good catch. Preston had time to catch it because the defender had his back turned.”

On the defensive play of Reuben Lowery, Ty Boeck and Jay Person:
“We had some guys who got sick and couldn’t play today. Within 24 hours we had to corner Reuben from his overhang point to get him to safety. Kam Brown was sick today. There was a lot of coaching and tact.” Tomorrow. Reuben is another good guy working his tail off and he’s a good player. Ty, the kind of thing we’re doing defensively, he’s going to have an opportunity to make plays. Jay Person will have it.” the same is on the back of things.”

McClendon Curtis – Sr.-OL

When overcoming a slow start on offense:
“The guys just have to stop thinking and go out and play football. All the guys we have on offense are good football players. We think too much and if you think you’re trying to play football fast, it won’t function.” “Just do your job. We practice these things all the time. We don’t do much in attack but at the same time you have to know what you have to do. I felt like we did that in the second half.” “The guys came out and just played ball. The offensive line was more physical. The receivers did their job on the field, the running backs kept running, and the quarterback played his game. That was the difference.”

On Ailym Ford’s return this week:
“He’s a guy who’s always on one level. He’s always GO. You don’t mind blocking for someone who’s always on the go. The whole running back room is the same. He leads by example, so having him out here makes a big difference.

Ailym Ford – Jr. – RB

On returning to the field after missing last week’s game:
“It was a horrible feeling to stay at home and watch the game. I supported remotely. I felt like I owed it to my guys this week, took our dicks off, worked on last week’s mistakes and now we’re back in business.”

To overcome a slow start:
“The Citadel does a lot of things defensively. Offensively caught on a bit later in the game but they still fought the whole game. It was great to get some momentum towards the end of the second quarter and into the second half.”

On the benefit of having both him and Gino available:
“It’s definitely a great 1-2 shot. Gino is a phenomenal defender. Not one guy can just dominate the whole game. It’s good to have a substitute. That’s the case with every position on the field. It is just an honor to have him backing you up.”

Devonnsha Maxwell – Sr.-DL

On the difficulty of playing against The Citadel:
“There are a lot of technical things that we need to focus on. We have to keep our eyes in the right place and focus on the little things.”

About forcing some important turnovers:
“It was huge. Whenever we have an options team, we know a lot of guys will have the ball. We know if we can get our hands in sometimes we can get it out and that’s what happened today.”

About the strong defensive play on the first down:
“That was our focus, keeping them behind the sticks. They’re going to take three yards, so we tried to keep them under three yards. We did that pretty well.”

Jay Person – Jr. – DL

About the typical hard, physical game against The Citadel:
“We knew it was going to be a hard fought game to get into this game. Four quarters, physically, so we knew we had to prepare all week and get really ready mentally. We knew it was going to be pretty physical.”

To play aggressively against the triple option:
“We knew we had the talent to play with them and handle them physically, but it was going to be the little things. Getting our blocks right, reading our keys and filling in the right gaps.”

To prepare for the coming week:
“This week was a big week with a loss. As a defense, we knew we wanted to get our pride back. We just have to focus this week and be ready for Saturday.”


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