Vermintide 2 – Best Weapons for Bard Goreksson


That warhammer Games come in different forms, all with different playstyles that attract different types of players. From real-time strategy to board games, there is something for everyone. Added to this is the deep and rich tradition of warhammer allows these games to be fully immersive and super fun. Surprisingly, there are genres that the franchise didn’t tackle, which will allow more games of this type to appear in the future. However, in the first person shooter genre, fans will be delighted to find out warhammer has dipped its toe into this style of play and in return created a very accessible and enjoyable game.

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In the form of Warhammer:vermin 2, The first-person shooter and fantasy game style of games like mixesSkyrim, Players can play with friends, adding another element of immersion. Best of all, players can choose between four different characters, all with different ways of playing, and within those characters, there are classes that greatly affect gameplay. From these characters, players can choose a dwarf with the name Bard Goreksson, who is a tank-like character. While his abilities are great and helpful, the weapons he gains make gameplay much more manageable as hordes of enemies attack players and their friends. This list will help break down which ones Weapons work best for him and why.


5/5 Big Axe

warhammer verimintide 2 large ax circumcised

One of the best things ever warhammer games is that they are pretty easy to get in for beginnersand this ax highlights that Warhammer: Vermin 2. It is one of the first weapons players will come across worldwide. The cool thing about this ax is how easy it is to use and learn the rhythm, making it fun to play as Bard Goreksson. First, its light attacks deal a ton of damage to unarmored and elite enemies, but armored enemies may require players to put in a bit of work to take them down.

But its heavy attacks help create breathing space, even against armored enemies. This is important because hordes of enemies will attack players fairly often, so there’s no downtime. These axes allow for just that, giving players and their team time to catch themselves. While Warhammer: Vermin 2 is a decent long game If players don’t have something to create space, they will often find themselves overwhelmed, increasing the amount of time players spend on each level.

4/5 Saltzpyre’s crossbow

Warhammer Vermintide 2 player with the Crossbow of Saltzpyre

One of the best things about Bardin Goreksson is how dynamic he is with his attacks. He’s a great melee-based character with attacks that can knock or knock back enemies. But what makes him such a versatile character is his ability to easily adapt to any situation. By giving players two different ways to play, melee and ranged, both have advantages and allow for different things. ranged weapons are not new warhammer, As important as they are in the other games, this rule is still the same Warhammer: Vermin 2.

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The crossbow is one of the most common ranged weapons that the dwarf can use. Like melee weapons, each forces players to play in different ways. The crossbow is highly accurate and has a slow reload speed, meaning players can hit enemies from afar with one shot. It also has armor-piercing and high-damage bolts that can help the team in more ways than one. By knocking down more distant enemies and catching those elites first and at range. As mentioned, the crossbow has a slow reload speed, so players should stand behind their friends when using this ranged weapon as it can cover the player.

3/5 Two hammers

Warhammer Vermintide 2 player with the dual hammers

These hammers are quite interesting as they work well with other attacks from other players. Because they aren’t really designed to kill enemies, but rather to stagger, weaken, and stun them. Allow the rest of the team to finish the job. One of the reasons why Warhammer: Vermin 2 is really popularis because it focuses heavily on team performance, and these hammers show that. As a player, you progress through the world of warhammer: vermin 2, You will notice how many enemies will appear on the screen at once and descend on the team.

These hammers are great for countering that, and like the big axe, players can get some breathing room, but at a faster pace since there are two of them. Against armored enemies, however, players will find that they don’t have the same damage output. So you should make sure your team is nearby when using this weapon as they can push it away allowing a teammate with a weapon capable of knocking down the enemy to come and do it.

2/5 gear hammer

Warhammer Vermintide Cog Hammer variants

Bard Goreksson is a great character for melee combat as, as mentioned earlier, he can absorb a lot of damage. When players fight this way, this hammer comes in very handy and helps the team as a whole. Its light attacks can cut through any horde and take huge stress off the team, making it manageable to get through enemies. This hammer highlights another aspect of teamworkand as already mentioned, the warhammer Games are excellent to do.

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Because of this, the Hammer’s heavy attacks mean more, and when things get overdone, the Coghammer can help control the fight in the team’s favor. However, the armored enemies cause a problem as they can stop the lighter attacks instantly. This makes Bardin more vulnerable, so it’s best to use this weapon first against the hordes of common enemies.

1/5 resentment

warhammer mints 2 players holding the grudge racket

Unlike the crossbow, this long-range weapon highlights Bard Goreksson’s best traits, which is offense in the face of the enemy. While the Crossbow is great for sniping and accurate shooting, the Grudgeracker is the opposite. Firstly it’s a shotgun so players see what they get, secondly players can use it as a melee weapon but with limited damage so it’s best to use this attribute as a follow up.

This shotgun is great for beginners as it doesn’t require as much accuracy as it is best used in close quarters combat. Additionally, using this shotgun at close range will grant players more headshots, causing enemies to take down enemies faster. As already mentioned, warhammer: vermin 2, has hordes of enemies falling on players, in some cases it can feel like an endless battle. This shotgun helps keep those hordes at bay, allowing other high DPS players to keep those enemies further away or take them out straight.

Warhammer: Vermin 2 is now available for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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