PogChamps 4: All information


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PogChamps 4

It is presented by a Coinbase is scheduled to begin August 29th 2021 and will run up to the end of the competition on September 12th.

PogChamps 4 is set to be among the top watched tournaments for chess in the history of the world. $100,000 prize pool.

The three first event PogChamps, PogChamps II and PogChamps III set new records for audience participation with more than 500 million spectators.

Here’s everything you’ll need to know about PogChamps 4:

Moderators as well as commentators


Broadcasting and streaming

All PogChamps matches will be live streamed via Chess.com/TV with commentary under the supervision of chess superstars.

The players can stream their channels, with delays, but they aren’t allowed to utilize chat for external assistance. If players do not want to stream will be on the Zoom call to ensure fairness and broadcast purposes.


Stage groups

  • Each of the 16 participants is split into 4 groups comprising four players each. These groups are determined by rules below.
  • In this group stage, players take on all three of their opponents from their group in a single match.
  • Every match is made up of two games using the time of 10 + 5. control. The player with the highest score plays black in the initial game.
  • If a game is tied after 2 games then an “Armageddon” game will be played. White is allowed five minutes while Black has four, however, Black is the winner if the game finishes with an unfinished draw. The team with the best CAPS score in the two-game contest decides on their color for an Armageddon tie-break.
  • The players earn three points per match they win directly, two points for winning an game that has tie-breaks like an Armageddon tie-break, and one points for losing game that features an Armageddon tie-break, and none points when losing a game without tie-break.
  • After the game group, players in their group are categorized in accordance with the points they’ve earned.
  • Top two athletes from each group go into the championship bracket, while the remaining two are in the bracket of consolation.

If 2 players within the same group is tied first tie break will be the score of CAPS which is averaged across all 3 games played.

Consolation and championship brackets

  • Both teams will be comprised of 8 players The seeding numbers are determined to guarantee competitiveness.
  • All brackets employ one elimination format. The winner of every game moves on to play in the second round.
  • The game consists of two games of 10 + 5 and the top seed will play White in the initial game. If the game is tied after 2 games the single 3-and–2 match will be to decide who is the winner. The highest seed taking on white pieces. If the tie-breaker is an unofficial tie, 3 + 2 games of alternate colors will continue until there’s the winner.
  • If group members split in game, then the participant who has the highest CAPS score from their previous game with zero tiebreak (s) will be given the highest rating.

Price breakdown

All Prizes Fund 100,000USD

Winners are determined by the extent to which an athlete advances during the competition.

Stage group: 16 players $10,000 prize pool.

  • Every group stage winner (4 in total) will be awarded a prize of $2,000

Championship Bracket: eight players 60,000USD prize pool

  • Winner of the tournament: 20,000USD
  • Runner-up: 12,000USD
  • Semi-finalists (2): 6,000USD
  • Quarter-finalists (4): 4,000USD

Consolation Bracket 8 participants, 32,000USD prize pool

  • Consolation Champion: 7,000USD
  • Runner-up: 5,000USD
  • Semi-finalists (2): 4,000USD
  • Quarter-finalists (4): 3,000USD

Community-based work

In the course of PogChamps IV, Chess.com will raise up to 100,000USD in community contributions to raise a total of 200,000USD to benefit charitable causes. We joined forces in partnership with Rise Against The Disorder, an organization that is charity that is 501 (c) (3) committed towards making health treatment affordable and more accessible.


The current field:

Ludwig PogChamps 4 Pog4

MrBeast PogChamps 4 Pog4

Rubius PogChamps 4 Pog4

IAmCristinini PogChamps 4 Pog4

Sapnap PogChamps 4 Pog4

ConnorEatsPants PogChamps 4 Pog4

Tectone PogChamps 4 Pog4

PogChamps 4 player Fundy

game schedule

We will release the official times of games for each game prior to beginning each round. The dates for each of the phases of the event will be announced here.

Results on the website

Results will be released on the website following the event has concluded.

Seeding and Groups

They are determined upon elements, such as (but not restricted to) the amount of games played, the quantity of chess streams streamed and the blitz speed, and the tactical ratings.

They will be featured in this gallery when they’re completed.


Once the group stage has finished the championship bracket and consolation bracket are shown here.


How do you compare to others in the PogChamps four players? Click here to visit our gaming computer’s page, which lets you check your performance against Ludwig as well as MrBeast bots as well as bots of previous Pog players like xQc Pokimane, Neeko and CodeMiko.



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